Government guarantees solution to Christmas lights impasse.

Christmas lights guaranteed – Government say they will be in place.

Christmas lights guaranteedChristmas lights guaranteed: A representative of the Regional Government has told the Journal newspaper tonight that there will be a timely solution to the impasse over the Christmas lights. “Madeira may be rested that this year’s Christmas lighting is not at risk”, said the regional secretary for Infrastructures and Equipment this afternoon at Quinta Vigia, the official residence of the President of the Region.
Amílcar Gonçalves was urged to respond to the news reported here last night that there is so far no evidence of the Christmas lighting being installed due to legal issues.


5 thoughts on “Government guarantees solution to Christmas lights impasse.”

  1. Been for a couple of months over Christmas and New Year for the last two years and the lights were fabulous. Had a near death illness this year so won’t be there! Will watch on the webcam. Glad they will happen.

  2. Spent a while trying (and failing) to solve today’s teaser.

    I.e. which Portuguese word can be translated into English as both “reassured” and “rested”!

    Acalmar was the nearest I could get. Admin?

  3. Apologies Mike – like to keep you on your toes!

    I do normally spend more time on the translation of every post to come up with something that reasonably resembles English, even though it is occasionally tempting – and so, so much easier – to go with the Google version.

  4. No need for apologies.

    I spent quite an enjoyable half-hour trying to find a suitable word in Portuguese that could be translated as both rested and something a bit more accurate.

    You do a great job. No need to spend even more time translating lots of stuff.

    P.S. Just read a text in English about the Austrian army officer who the Austrians say was working for the Russians. According to the text Moscow *gave* information about the Austrian army! ”Rested” is nothing by comparison.


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