Cafe Concerto to re-open in Municipal Gardens?

New Cafe in Municipal Gardens?

New Cafe Concerto in Municipal GardensScreens have appeared around the cabin that was for many years “Cafe Concerto” in the Municipal Gardens in Funchal, and work appears to be going on behind the wraps. “Recruiting Now” signs have also appeared outside the old Cafe Concerto, indicating a resurrection of a great cafe in the very best (personal opinion)  location in the centre of town. The downside, I am sure, will be that when the cafe does reopen, it will not be the same excellent value it used to be for such a prime location.
The Municipal Garden, also known as Dona Amelia Garden, is on the north side of Avenida Arriaga and covers an area of 8,300 m2. With a prime location in the city centre, this garden also has a pond and a stream with fish and birds. Also noteworthy are some works of art and an auditorium for cultural activities.Screen around Cafe Concerto in Municipal Gardens

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  1. Will be glad to see this reopen as I will not pay Ritz prices which is just opposite the park, also was glad to see that the cafe in the Santa Caterina park had reopened when we went in October, yes a bit more pricey than previously but a welcome water hole on the way into Funchal from our hotel in the Lido area !

  2. If you are in the municipal gardens head towards the top right-hand corner and go into the San Francisco arcade head for the end of the hall and turn left. A new cafe has opened and you can get uma Chinese for 80cents, uma Chinese com um Pastel da Nata €1.20!


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