Airport problems – latest update

Airport problems – latest update

Airport problems - latest updateThe Diario reported at 13.20 this Monday that strong winds felt immediately prior to noon has caused more problems at the airport. Gusts reached 65 km/h and increased to eight the number of diverted flights this morning, seven of which headed to Porto Santo (this is from the newspaper’s website – I wasn’t aware that that number of planes could be accommodated on Porto Santo?).
According to information published on the ANA-Aeroportos website, the wind prevented the following flights landing at Madeira airport: the BRITISH AIRWAYS flight from Gatwick due at 11.25; a THOMSON AIRWAYS, also coming from Gatwick, expected to arrive at 11.35; the THOMAS COOK 11.45 flight from Copenhagen and the 11:55 AM flight from Helsinki from the same company; a THOMSON AIRWAYS from Birmingham, at 12.00 midday, a Transavia, coming from Paris at 12.20; a JET2 at 12:55 pm from Edinburgh; a THOMSON AIRWAYS from Manchester and a JET2 from Leeds, both at 13.00 pm.
Flights prior to 11.15 landed OK, including a number from the UK, with Monday being the usual busy day dominated by arrivals and departures from the UK. Departures prior to midday mostly managed to take off.

Will post further updates here when available.

15.25: A further 7 flights have diverted since the above post, taking the total to 15 so far. The first projected arrival is 16.05.
16.15: Still nothing. As Maurice notes now up to 19 flights diverted.

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  1. Please give some thoughts to resent events in Italy. Floods, deaths, forests fell due to high winds. Lost of homes and cars and other events not that far away in time, Earthquakes. again lost of houses and lives. Makes Madeira flight delays into prospective. The common issue is mother nature. Hope all get sorted for flights to Madeira and back home. Madeira not the only one had problems

  2. If I had been able to book the four weeks I wanted (but was too late for) I would have been on the Finnair flight marked as being 25 mins late but presumably landing.

    This puts me in a quandry. Should I be happy that on a day when the other (non-Finnair) flight didn’t make it, the flight I could have been on made it OR should I be fearful that being forced to move my arrival to next Monday, I’ll be on a flight that doesn’t make it?

    (One thing is sure. I was correct to reject today’s Thomas Cook flight even though I rejected it for leaving at the crack of dawn)

  3. Pestana Porto Santo is definitely missing a big opportunity when it comes to these flight cancellations

    I am dumbfounded as to why the Pestana group has not stepped in and offered interim services. Not only would it heighten awareness in regards to Porto Santo but also provide a much needed increase for the local economy

    An air shuttle service between PS and Madeira along with the ferry would of course fit quite well in looking after the people who actually make a difference to Madeira’s economy

    I cannot believe how short sighted the elected officials are being, they should be falling over themselves in implementing a plan B. As per usual they look to passing the buck as opposed to agreeing on and implementing a fall back solution

    What a bunch of cretins…..


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