Airport latest update – Porto Santo ferry helps

Airport latest update - Porto Santo ferry helps 1Airport latest update

Following on from the previous post, the Diario reports that only Transavia, among all of the airlines caught up in today’s diversions, took advantage of the Porto Santo ferry to move 181 passengers from Porto Santo to Madeira. The Lobo Marinho leaves Porto Santo at around 18.00 this evening.
Meanwhile direct and diverted flights have started landing as the wind gusts ease, with the first to land being around 17.30. The first flight departed at 17.48.

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  1. Slight correction. The airport arrivals board had the 11:55 Finnair flight from Helsinki as arrived (marked “Chegou”) at 16:25. 45 mins late but still before 17:30 …

    If it weren’t for the strict limits at Funchal, I’d say it was yet another case of Finnair ex fighter pilots wanting to get home. (They used to say that the last planes to land and take off at the old Gothenburg airport – in a foggy area – were Finnair planes heading for home).


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