100th Anniversary of the Great War

Bells will ring out to mark end of first world war, 100 years on.

100th Anniversary of the Great War 1

A simple message this morning, not requiring any translation!
The Guardian has a fascinating account of the last week of the Great War, 100 years ago today, through the eyes of Wilfred Owen, and a report on Armistice Day from the Manchester Guardian.

In Funchal The northern strip of Avenida do Mar is closed to traffic due to the armistice ceremonies.

09 hours – Mass in the Cathedral Cathedral.

10:30 am – Tribute to the Dead of the Great War, next to the Monument, on Avenida do Mar.

11:30 am – Session in the Noble Hall of the Palace of São Lourenço.

12:30 am – Inauguration of the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition of the Armistice.

15 hours – Blessing ceremony of the first stone for the Monument of Saint Martin.

17 hours – Mass in the Cathedral Cathedral.

2 thoughts on “100th Anniversary of the Great War”

  1. Pleased blog not forgot the 100th Anniversary of the Great War and people lost their lives fighting the war. Portugal lost men in the war with others countries. Lets not forget.

  2. Portugal sent a number of troops to fight in the trenches in 1917. A German U-boat surfaced and fired upon Funchal harbour too.

    In WW2 Portugal was neutral and despite the right-wing Christian Phallange the country was biased towards the UK. British anti-aircraft gun replacements can still be see in parts of the Azores.

    There are memorials to the war dead in Funchal and Ponta Delgada, not sure whereabouts in Lisbon.


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