Madeiran wine wins Bronze accolade.

Terras de Boaventura Colheita Familiar 2017

The Journal reports that the first harvest of the white wine Terras de Boaventura Colheita Familiar 2017 has won a bronze medal at the largest and most prestigious international wine competition, the IWC International Wine Challenge, which was held in London ............ more

Madeira to have cannabis production.

Diario front cover showing cannabis crop

First cannabis crop due soon.

The Diario reports that the first cannabis plant for therapeutic purposes in Madeira should be operational in the coming months. ‘Gaia Pharm’ is the name of the company whose capital is held, apparently, mostly by children of Madeiran deputies. The company ............ more

Madeira Porsche Club meeting on pier.

Madeira Porsche Club

Funchal hosts the December meeting of the Porsche Club

The Journal reports that the Cais (pier) in Funchal will host the December 8th meeting of the Madeira Porsche Club. Around 50 cars will be there for an hour and a half to two hours. The initiative is the first organised under new directives that came into effect ............ more

New Year’s fireworks to cost €1 million.

€1 million fireworks

€1 million spend on firework display

The Diario reports that just over one million euros is how much Macedos Pirotecnica will be paid to perform this year’s fireworks show to celebrate the transition from 2018 to 2019. To this value is added the VAT at the prevailing rate. The contract was awarded ............ more

10 pensioners leave Madeira for the first time.

‘E depois do mar?’

The Diario reports that at seven this morning ten “young people”, as they describe them, between the ages of 65 and 80, left the island for the first time in their lives. ‘And after the sea?’ is a new project in the scope of social responsibility ............ more

Airport updates.

Airport back in action after visibility problems

For those wanting to keep up-to-date with the situation at the airport – or any other on-going news issues – the best way is to visit This automatically and immediately publishes any news feeds ............ more

Levada accidents reach record high.

Accidents on Levadas reach 100 so far this year

The print edition of the Journal leads with the story that 2018 has already seen a record number of accidents on Madeira’s levadas and trails.
The reported number of accidents has for the first time reached a hundred cases, four of which were fatal for ............ more

Rain forecast. Flights affected.

Wet day ahead

Most weather websites are predicting a wet day across most of the island this Monday, with light to heavy rain forecast. The one above is for Funchal from the BBC.

Poor visibility affects airport

The first diversion of the day has occurred at the airport, where the TAP flight from Porto, which should ............ more

Workman takes short cut – video

Workman saves time!

Thanks to Peter, who sent a link to a video post by the Journal on YouTube yesterday, showing a workman taking a short cut. Seeking to dispatch his tasks, a man who was working outside a building on Rua do Anadia in central Funchal, chose to jump from balcony to balcony 10 metres above ground ............ more

Fuel prices down tomorrow.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices fall

Monday, November 26, fuel in Madeira will have the following prices according to FN:

The price of Super Unleaded IO 95 will come down to €1,513 per litre (€ 1,533 this week).

Road Diesel also falls to € 1,334 (€1,350 per litre this week).

Coloured/marked Diesel ............ more

Suspect package causes bomb scare.

Bomb scare closes Avenida Zarco in central Funchal

Suspect package in central Funchal

The Diario online is reporting that a bomb scare caused some concern in the centre of Funchal this morning where Avenida Zarco was closed due to a suspicious-looking backpack deposited next to the Palace of São Lourenço.
The item was later established to ............ more

Christmas air fares pass €500.

Christmas air fares rise above €500

Residents forced to pay extra for Christmas flights

Air fares: The print edition of the Diario leads with the story that the price of air fares for the Christmas period is making life difficult, particularly for students on the mainland who want to spend the festive season with their families on Madeira and Porto Santo, ............ more

Concerns for Brits in EU post Brexit.

PeoplesVote - Concerns for Brits in EU post Brexit

Post-Brexit border controls threaten ex-pats

As Theresa May’s final draft political declaration goes for approval, concerns are growing that she has still shown little concern for those Brits living or working in Europe. The Independents chief political commentator assesses the new wording in the 26-page ............ more

Snow possible as temperatures drop.

Snow possible

Snow on the horizon

The Diario reports that snow is possible on the peaks of the island as temperatures drop to near-freezing and precipitation is forecast. The thermometers fell sharply in the mountainous regions last night, with Pico do Areeiro registering 1.9 Cº and Bica da Cana ............ more

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