Fuel prices down tomorrow.

Fuel prices

Fuel prices fall

Monday, November 26, fuel in Madeira will have the following prices according to FN:

The price of Super Unleaded IO 95 will come down to €1,513 per … Read more

Suspect package causes bomb scare.

Suspect package in central Funchal

Bomb scare closes Avenida Zarco in central FunchalThe Diario online is reporting that a bomb scare caused some concern in the centre of Funchal this morning where Avenida Zarco was closed due … Read more

Concerns for Brits in EU post Brexit.

Post-Brexit border controls threaten ex-pats

PeoplesVote - Concerns for Brits in EU post Brexit

As Theresa May’s final draft political declaration goes for approval, concerns are growing that she has still shown little concern for those Brits living or … Read more

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