Tropical Storm Leslie update.

Tropical Storm Leslie update.

Tropical Storm Leslie: latest forecast from the National Hurricane Centre doesn’t look too promising.

Tropical Storm Leslie update. 1

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  1. We might yet be spared a visit from Leslie, Although there is obviously uncertainty about the computer predictions NHC and ECMWF are suggesting that Leslie will do a ‘U’ turn Sunday lunchtime before reaching Madeira, then head SW and decay.
    Fingers crossed but as Sunday is at the limit of the prediction model – we’re not out of the woods just yet.
    In stark contrast Leslie’s successor Michael is taking the more traditional hurricane route – Caribbean – US Eastern Seaboard – UK due to arrive early next week

  2. Just checked on and shows the storm approaching Madeira on Sat and then veering to the south of the island rather that to the north as previously projected.

  3. Hopefully you’ll be ok David – Leslie appears to have got the ‘scent’ of a lady friend in TS Nadine off Cabo Verde and is heading that way on Saturday evening – away from Madeira.
    Winds on Sunday are forecast to be within limits and NE’ly which is straight down the runway and ‘on the nose’ for a usual approach over Gaula

  4. Thanks for that!
    This will be about 120th landing/takeoff so usual bouncy approach!
    This Leslie is a right rascal even NHC are struggling with predictions


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