Tropical Storm Leslie …… more data awaited.

Tropical Storm Leslie a “Zombie”.

Tropical Storm Leslie ...... more data awaited. 1AccuWeather have an interesting write-up on Tropical Storm Leslie which is (off and on!) heading the way of Madeira:

“While Hurricane Leslie has held on like a zombie that just won’t die, its days of walking the Atlantic are likely to come to an end finally well before Halloween. Leslie has been meandering the Atlantic since Sept. 23. Through Thursday, Oct. 11, Leslie has stayed between 40 and 65 degrees west longitude and well away from any land or island areas and has survived on warm waters and moisture over the middle of the Atlantic. The tropical cyclone has been bumped around by weather systems passing by over the North Atlantic but has not encountered a strong enough system to thrust the storm toward land.
Leslie first formed over the middle of the Atlantic and about 1,145 miles (1,845 km) west-southwest of the Azores. During the first few days of its life, Leslie was a subtropical storm. A subtropical storm has characteristics of a tropical storm and also a non-tropical storm. During the late afternoon hours on Saturday, Sept. 29, Leslie had acquired full tropical characteristics. Early on Wednesday, Oct. 3, Leslie became a hurricane. However, it would not be the last time for Leslie to do so. By the late afternoon hours on Thursday, Oct. 4, Leslie had weakened to a tropical storm and would remain as a tropical storm into Tuesday, Oct. 9. During the late evening hours on Oct. 9, Leslie again garnered enough strength to regain hurricane status.
Into this weekend, a non-tropical feature is forecast to pull Leslie eastward and allow the storm to break out of the central Atlantic region, where it has been trapped for weeks. Leslie is forecast to remain a hurricane or tropical storm into this weekend as it approaches the Canary Islands and the northwest coast of Africa,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski. Seas and surf in this area will build. “However, once it reaches waters near the northwest coast of Africa, strong winds aloft are likely to begin to tear at and shred the storm, which will cause it to weaken,” Kottlowski said. It is possible that by the middle of next week, just past the middle of October, that Leslie may finally die, or will it?”


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  1. Checked at 7:30 Friday morning and it now shows the eye of the storm passing to the north of Madeira and weakening as it turns towards north Africa.


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