New speed limits now in effect.

New flexible speed limits on the VR1

New speed limitsThe Journal reports that with effect from yesterday, motorists on the main motorway on the island will see new signs indicating flexible speed limits.
The new signage allows drivers to drive at 10 km/h over the speed currently in force, but only in areas indicated and when the surface is dry. For example, if the driver encounters a speed limit of 80 km/h and if the ground is dry, they can travel at 90 km/h. If the road surface is wet, the driver must respect the 80 km/h limit. A second sign indicates the end of the area in which the flexible speed limit in effect.
The newspaper reports that along the VR1 expressway, more than 100 new signs will be introduced, based on a French motorway system. These were approved in July by the Legislative Assembly of Madeira and confirmation with Vialitoral, who manage the Via Rapida.
The Journal admits that the photo replicated above is a serious bit of “photoshopping”!

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