TAP will not agree to higher wind limits.

TAP will not agree to higher wind limits at Madeira Airport

President of TAP, who refuses to raise wind limits at Madeira airport.The Diario reports that the President of TAP will confirm, in an interview that will be published tomorrow in the Lisbon-based Expresso newspaper, that the company “does not negotiate with … security” and that it is against the alterations to the limits of wind of the Airport of Madeira, that have been requested by the Regional Government from ANAC, the National Institute of Civil Aviation of Portugal .
Antonoaldo Neves says in the weekly publication: “It’s no use changing the limits, I’m not going to lower the limits of the winds while I’m CEO of TAP. I will not go down”. “TAP will not change the safety parameters that govern its trips to Madeira. That is, with more wind (I) will not raise or land any aircraft of the company in the Region”.

The limits imposed at Madeira airport date from the 60s and have been considered outdated by several regional entities. They are responsible for most of the cancellations of flights to the Region. One experienced pilot reported here previously actually believes that wind limits should be scrapped altogether.

The Journal covers the impending publication in a little more detail, saying that Neves viewed with surprise the complaints of Miguel Albuquerque about the delays and cancellations of the company. “Criticisms ….. we do not rebut, we hear. The rulers are elected by the people, have legitimacy to demand. But I have to admit it’s a surprise to me, it’s a frustrating question. We made a Board of Directors in Madeira, we showed all the affection we have for the island, where we have consistently increased the offer, where we showed that our rates are modest … Our frustration goes more in the sense that we invest, we continue to invest and we do not realise the reasonableness of criticism. Because? The number of flights grows, the number of customers and tourists grows, we have partnerships and agreements for students, we know the importance we have for the island”.




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    • Go on to YouTube and see some of the videos from Samuel Passos. A local who has video’d many attempts and aborts of landings. A sudden gust whist the plan is touching down could flip the plane enough for a wing to touch the ground – the result doesn’t bear thinking about.

  1. In my view it should be an advisory not mandatory wind speed limit up to 25% increase in speed to allow pilots to judge (they know best) . Mandatory after the 25% increase. The rules may be the same as they were in the 1960’s BUT something changed about 3 or 4 years ago due to a minor incident when a light aircraft pilot did something stupid and since then there has been a rigid enforcement of the original wording. With no guarantee before taking off that the plane is going to be able to land and the cost being taken by the airline companies to relocate tourists etc. Companies will pull away from Madeira . Lots of alternative places to offer customers

  2. I am about to beat the same old drum,

    How about treating passengers to a nice beach break in Porto Santo before shipping them to the main island should weather not permit a safe landing in Santa Cruz?

    I am sure the purfetas would appreciate an increase in the local economy which in turn would also provide employment on that barren, desolate dune of a place…

    The only thing they seem to have is an eyesore of a plant producing Microalgae which only employs a handful of people http://www.buggypower.eu/where/

    Porto Santo is a hidden Gem with great potential for regeneration and inclusion. I have no passion for Golf and such wasteful past times, but would have time for some relaxation on the beach before heading off to the main island on a mini cruise and seeing Funchal harbour in all it’s glory

    • The airport on Porto Santo has a nice long runway but only a very small terminal and the pan can only hold 4 planes. For it to become a full diversionary airport it needs expanding.

  3. As a regular visitor to the island who has experienced a diversion to the Canaries and a long coach journey there, I think this problem needs resolving – if there was an alternative via Porto Santo I think it would make holidaymakers more confident to book.

  4. The landings are stressful enough when the wind is at the maximum currently allowed so it doesn’t bear thinking about a landing with an increased maximum limit. Safety is a priority not to be adjusted to suit the affect on tourism.


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