Small earthquake. Missing tourist – body found.

Small earthquake off Câmara de Lobos

Small earthquake. Missing tourist - body found. 1IPMA , the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, have reported a small earthquake off Câmara de Lobos during the small hours of Friday. According to the seismological information issued by IPMA), the earthquake of magnitude 1.9 occurred at 02:25, and its epicenter was to the southwest of Câmara de Lobos.
This is insufficient intensity to be felt on land, since only earthquakes greater than four are evident apparently.

Missing tourist – body found

According to the Diario website this morning, the body of the missing individual has now been spotted by the authorities, in a cave near the place where the incident occurred in São Jorge yesterday.
Small earthquake. Missing tourist - body found. 3The Journal reported yesterday that searches were being conducted in the sea to the north of the island by Maritime Police and the Air Force helicopter, where  a man  was seen to disappear whilst swimming there.
FN provided a bit more information: “A statement from the Port Authority of Funchal says  that the search be resumed this morning to find an individual of Czech nationality, who was dragged by the sea, at the tip of São Jorge, after having proved fruitless during the day of Friday.
The Diario this afternoon confirms that the body of the Czech tourist who was missing in the São Jorge Sea in the north of the island of Madeira was found this morning by the search teams, according to the Maritime Zone Command of the archipelago.
“The Sanas vessel detected something that appeared to be a body shortly after 08:00, as soon as the searches were resumed, and later confirmed that it was the body of the tourist,” the commander Silva Pereira told press agency Lusa. He explained that the body was near the coast, but that the rescue took about two hours, due to the intensity of the surf.



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