Porto Santo scrap. Sweden. 1965 video.

Porto Santo scrap

Porto SantoThe Journal report that the couple who caused the diversion of a flight to the Canaries have left their mark on Porto Santo. On Wednesday, a Ryanair plane undertook an emergency landing on the island after a couple of passengers, reported to be in their 30’s, started trading blows inside the plane. They were arrested at Porto Santo irport by the Public Security Police (PSP) but then released by the authorities on the island. The plane, with 165 passengers on-board, continued to Tenerife.
After being released, the couple managed to take advantage of their unexpected stay and took the opportunity to go to an island bar, where fighting broke out again, according to a local resident talking to the Journal. In addition, the couple allegedly destroyed some equipment in a bathroom of the bar. A PSP patrol was called to the scene and the couple re-arrested.

Swedish elections to upset Europe?

Sweden flagBloomberg report that the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats remained the largest party in a final poll by YouGov ahead of Sweden’s election on Sunday, marking a stark contrast to results in other surveys and ratcheting up uncertainty ahead of the vote. Seeking to upend the Swedish establishment and push for an exit from the European Union, the party’s backing rose to 24.8 percent in a YouGov poll published on Wednesday. That would make it bigger than both the ruling Social Democrats and the largest opposition party, the conservative Moderates. Voters flocked to the Sweden Democrats after the Nordic nation of 10 million people became a haven for refugees, accepting a record 600,000 immigrants over the past five years. The party’s popularity is driving a wedge between the two-bloc political establishment, which has so far refused to engage with the Sweden Democrats because of their neo-Nazi roots.

Madeira in 1965

Another great YouTube link sent in by Peter:

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  1. Swedish elections to upset Europe? The fault from what ever colours of the Party and country as well as the EU is People been paid too high wages and cant be bothered to get out the office and talk to the people. The other faults is they not listening to peoples gripe and learn to say this been going on too long and learn to quickly defuse the issues then the history books been learned. By no change it end in tears and history books been a waste.

  2. Right pair of such bags. I wonder what will happen to them, I’d lock them up together in a very tiny cell then they could fight as much as they like.

    Nice video of Camara de Lobos.

    Note* there are quite a few interesting videos of old Madeira on YouTube, well worth checking out.

    • Jayne, if you go to the north of Tenerife I.e. Puerto de la Cruz it is tranquil. It’s the south where you tend to get the sun worshippers and youngsters who are more likely to get drunk.


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