Hurricane Helene threat to Azores. easyJet flights.

Azores – Hurricane Helene to pass “very close”

AzoresThe Diario reports that the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts that the effects of the “Helene” will be felt from dawn today in the western group of the Azores islands, with gusts of wind up to 150 kilometres per hour. From 6.00 am, periods of “very heavy rain” are expected here, and a tidal surge of “significant height”, which can reach between 8 and 12 metres in height, according to the IPMA in the latest news release.
From that time, the southwest wind can reach up to 100 kilometres per hour, with gusts up to 150 kilometres per hour. At 12 o’clock, the western group will be under red rain alert. The same maximum warning for wind and sea turmoil is scheduled for 10.00 pm. IPMA reports “a high probability” of 80-90% of the storm passing “very close to or over the western group” on Saturday night or Sunday morning.
Hurricane HeleneAt 21:00 Friday, the centre of the tropical storm was located 780 kilometres from the island of Flores and moving north at a speed of 30 kilometres per hour. Image opposite from the National Hurricane Centre.
As time progresses it looks less like that Madeira will be impacted significantly by Hurricane Helene.

easyJet flights released next week

easyJet flights are released shortly – on 20 September 2018, you can buy seats for travel between 25 March and 23 June 2019. That includes the Easter holidays, the May bank holiday, and the Summer half term. On 27 September 2018, seats will be available for travel between 24 June and 1 September 2019



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  1. Given that many of those flight dates are after the end of March 2019 when in the case of a no-deal flights between the UK and an EU country are supposed not to function, I wonder if it’s a good idea to book on those dates.

    • Flights around Europe are nothing to do with Brexit. Easyjet would not advertise flights if they thought they wouldn’t happen.

      Best to ignore the scaremongering of remoaners.


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