Santa Catarina Park cafes reopen.

Santa Catarina Park - new cafe

Santa Catarina Park

A recent comment sought information on the cafe that may or may not have re-opened in Santa Catarina Park just off the centre of Funchal. I can confirm that not only did one open a couple of weeks back, but that it has been joined by another more recently. The first ............ more

Yellow heat warning.

Temperatures to rise

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere today maintains a yellow warning for Madeira because of the hot weather, which should last at least until the end of tomorrow – the warning is in effect until at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday. IPMA forecast that Funchal ............ more

More controversy over Savoy and Binter.

New Savoy to be “inspected”

Strange story surfacing in the Diario this morning, and no detail available yet, but the newspaper is reporting that “an unprecedented inspection that will happen at the new Savoy Hotel. The Municipality of Funchal is preparing to spend €26,000 to hire an ............ more

Barreirinha lido. Monte dignity.

Pollution at Barreirinha

Barreirinha lido polluted

The Diario reports that swimming at the Barreirinha bathing complex was not a particularly attractive proposition to bathers yesterday as they would have encountered what is politely referred to as a “discharge”. According to one bather, who sent the photo ............ more

Ponta do Sol fish farming protest.

Ponto do Sol protest

Ponta do Sol protest

The Diario reports that dozens of protesters gathered at the quay in Ponta do Sol yesterday to attend vigil objecting of fish-farming that the Government wants to implement in the bay immediately offshore. “Aquaculture not !! The sea belongs to all ” ............ more

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