Coral Garden. Madeira Wine Rally video.

Coral Garden discovered

Almirante Gago CoutinhoThe Journal reports that the hydrographic ship, Almirante Gago Coutinho, has now completed its mission in Madeira, where it has been working in collaboration with the Madeira Ocean Observatory since the end of June. During this period, and after 1,840 nautical miles covered and more than 715 hours at sea, the ship discovered a coral garden to the south of the island.
The mission was initially dedicated to operations using a remotely operated vehicle to investigate an extension to the Continental Shelf, which enabled the discovery of the coral garden in the area off Ribeira Brava. In a second phase, the activity mainly involved conducting oceanographic surveys to study the atmosphere-ocean interaction on the south coast of Madeira.

Machico Gastronomy Week

Machico Gastronomy WeekThe 33rd Semana Gastronómica de Machico continues this week, closing next weekend. Always a very successful event which sees the narrow cobbled streets busy with not only tourists but locals as well.
Various musical events throughout are detailed on the local authority’s Facebook site

Madeira Wine Rally video

Thanks to Peter for drawing my attention to this remarkable video on YouTube, sequencing still shots from the Rali Vinho Madeira from 1978 to 1991:

Madeira News app

The app which was launched at the start of this month is proving very popular, but for those who missed it, it is repeated here, with a link in the sidebar to the app itself.

Madeira News app logoThe app can be added to your tablet or smartphone home screen for immediate access, and pages load more quickly than viewed in a traditional browser. In addition there is also the “Accelerated Mobile Pages” version of the website that has been available for a year or so, which cuts down on the overheads for mobile devices and makes viewing even more speedy. Full details here.

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