São João Baptista do Pico. Café Concerto.

São João Baptista do Pico

São João Baptista do Pico Fortvaaju.com report that the President of the Region yesterday afternoon opened the second phase of the restoration of the São João Baptista do Pico Fort in the São Pedro parish of Funchal (pictured in 1850 above). The work cost €180,000, and opens up more of the fort to the public.
“In connection with the 600th anniversary (of the discovery of the island), it is the second recalculation and recovery of the regional heritage we are doing. The first was the recovery of the ships in the Matriz Church in Machico and now we have made this important recovery in Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico, “emphasized Miguel Albuquerque. “We restored outer spaces, walls, painted and opened three important areas: a varied area for concerts and conferences and a cafeteria that will soon open. “The space will be open to the public for free and Albuquerque hopes that people can enjoy the facilities as well as the excellent view of Funchal.

Binter inaugural flight


The airline Binter yesterday day inaugurated its flights between the islands of  Madeira and Porto Santo. The maiden flight departed from Madeira Airport at 07:00 p.m. to land at Porto Santo Airport twenty minutes later, where it was greeted with the traditional “baptism” by water cannon from the firemen. Subsequently, the flight departed for Funchal at 08:00 hours and landed at 08:20 hours, and was received by local authorities.
The presentation of the flight at Madeira Airport was attended by the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Guilherme D’Oliveira, along with Binter’s Commercial and Marketing Director, Miguel Ángel Suárez.

Café  Concerto

Café ConcertoRumour has it that Café Concerto in the Municipal Gardens will reopen under the management of the nearby Café do Teatro. Guess that will be the end of reasonable prices in such a perfect location in the centre of Funchal. Café do Teatro already have the Bar de Praia in Calheta. Café Concerto has been lloking rather forlorn since its sudden closure earlier this year.



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