Atlantic Festival. Beach warning. Cherry festival.

Atlantic Festival starts

Atlantic Festival

A pyrotechnic team from Austria got the Atlantic Festival off to a start last night’ with a display fired from the Pontinha (photo from the Journal).
Atlantic Festival programmeThis year’s Atlantic Festival, which as always runs throughout June, features competing pyrotechnic companies from South Africa and Mexico, with the Festival ending on the 30th, with the Portuguese company Macedo. The full programme as a PDF here:
Atlantic Festival June 2018

Video added below

Cherry Festival

Cherry Festival Jardim do SerraAs cherries come into season and roadside vendors begin to appear, the annual Festa da Cereja takes place in Jardim do Serra later this week/next weekend. Facebook page here

Beach warning

Thanks to Peter for sending me a link to a warning issued by the Maritime authorities on the island last week as the summer bathing season approaches – they point out that there are still some unguarded beaches. Their key warnings are below, the photo is of the beach at Seixal.

Seixal beach

– Prefer guarded beaches;
– To comply with the instructions of lifeguards;
– Respect flags and signs;
– If you cannot swim, enter the water only up to the waist;
– Consult the lifeguards on the state of the sea and place more suitable for swimming;
– Do not turn your back on the waves and do not hesitate to ask for help in the face of difficulties;
– If you feel cold, immediately leave the water;
– Observe children permanently and from a close distance;
– Enter the water slowly after sunbathing;
– Try to bathe or swim accompanied;
– Always swim in parallel with the coast;
– Do not swim in places with currents, seaweed or strong surf;
– Respect the three-hour interval after a normal meal, before swimming.

Atlantic Festival Video

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