Porto Santo. Italian threat to EU.

Porto Santo tourist tax

Porto Santo tourist taxThe Journal leads today with the story that the island of Porto Santo is to introduce a tourist tax similar to that that has been applied in the municipality of Santa Cruz for a number of years. Details are sparse, but it is thought to be the same €1.00 per night. Idalino Vasconcelos, the Mayor of Porto Santo, and his fellow politicians on the island, believe that the “ecotax” will raise between €400-500,000 per year. Hotel operators have been given time to prepare, in order that they can include the tourist tax in their publicity.
Update: Later today it is reported that the proposed tax has been delayed until 2019 according to the Journal website. Apparently parties all are in agreement in principal, but too many contracts are already in place until next year.

Italian threat to EU

Independent headlineThere has been a lot in the press over the last week regarding the threat to Europe posed by the new coalition that has just come into power in Italy. Some see the new “populist” party coalition as a bigger threat to the EU than Brexit – the problem is that the country is too big to be bailed out, but the coalition intends to spend its way out of the hard times that it finds itself in, disregarding EU rules in the process. The headline above comes from the Independent – another sobering article in the Spectator “Italy turns on the the EU“, pointing out that Italy’s staggering €2.3 trillion public debt is the third highest in the advanced world as a percentage of GDP (at 132 per cent – up from 120% 5 years ago).
On the subject of Brexit, Peter sent in a link to the Journal earlier this week, with the normally locally focused Madeiran newspaper reporting that the Governor of the Bank of England had calculated that Brexit had already cost the average UK family more than €1000 – a story that was carried by the BBC a couple of days ago.

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12 thoughts on “Porto Santo. Italian threat to EU.”

  1. I read Mark Carney said the cost was £900 so far, but no detail as to as how this figure had been arrived at. I am never happy with someone who talks costs as against benefits that will inevitably come once we have left the EU for good. I have great sympathy with Italy and other Southern European EU countries who have suffered by being in the Euro zone.

  2. A €1 per day tourist tax is not the end of the world as long as the funds gathered are put to correct use. Some form of independent monitoring may be needed.

    The demise of the eu may not be too far away. In both the Netherlands and Sweden the push is on to leave the E17. Both are net contributors and if they left the E17 would be bankrupt.

  3. The EU is a doomed concept where one dictat fits all. No it doesn’t!
    The old EEC was a great concept
    The devaluation of Sterling should have been prevented.

    • That’s the point, we joined the eec which was a good concept but, it has been morphed into the eu.

      Most countries in in the eu never seem to obey the rules whereas the UK does. Also, look in supermarkets and pubs/restaurants here. You’ll see lots of foods and drinks from all over Europe. Go to supermarkets in Europe and you are hard pushed to find British food products. Similarly, go into restaurants and bars and you cannot get British beers(Irish Guinness is the exception). Loads of European cars here but most British made cars on the continent have UK plates. It always strikes me that much trade is uni-directional.

  4. It doesn’t sound much Pete but it’s 1 euro, per night, per person so a family of 4 staying for 2 weeks will have to pay 56 euros if my maths is correct

  5. Dont forget almost all Nissans and Hondas in Europe are UK made. The UK Nissan plant alone makes more cars per year than the entire Italian motor industry.

  6. Thank you admin for the information. Forgot to add Madeira seeking to build a new hospital as waiting lists are long, like 10 years for knee op and I known people waiting 5 years for back op. A new hospital be warmly welcomed by its people.


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