Marmeleiros hospital. Ronaldo. Classic cars.

Marmeleiros Hospital exterior

Hospital dos Marmeleiros €1m revamp

Picking up on a comment on the previous post by Maurice, the Diario has published a sequence of photos showing the rather dilapidated  (to say the least!) condition of the Marmeleiros Hospital. Not all readers may be familiar with the name, but most visitors to ............ more

Porto Santo. Italian threat to EU.

Porto Santo tourist tax

Porto Santo tourist tax

The Journal leads today with the story that the island of Porto Santo is to introduce a tourist tax similar to that that has been applied in the municipality of Santa Cruz for a number of years. Details are sparse, but it is thought to be the same €1.00 per night. Idalino ............ more

Porto Moniz. Airline delays.

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz pools closed

Following on from the announcement of Lidos closing and reopening in the previous post, it has been announced that the natural bathing pools in Porto Moniz have been temporarily closed.
The Journal reports that the Câmara Municipal do Porto Moniz announced ............ more

Lidos close and re-open. easyJet.

Barreirinha Lido

Barreirinha lido closed

The Diario reports that the charmingly old-fashioned bathing complex at Barreirinha, to the east of the Old Town, and the nearby São Tiago beach next to the fort will be closed from May 21st, due to Frente MarFunchal, the company that manages the majority of seafront facilities ............ more

Sleeping Sea Lion.

sea lion sleeping

Sea lion filmed asleep

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to the unusual footage below of a sea lion or “Lobo Marinho” (after which the Porto Santo ferry and the fishing village of Câmara de  ............ more

easyJet loyalty scheme. Wind limit review.


easyJet to launch loyalty scheme

Reuters report that British low-cost airline easyJet will expand its holiday business and add a loyalty scheme as new CEO Johan Lundgren seeks to make his mark on the company after reporting strong first-half results. easyJet said on Tuesday it would invest more ............ more

Cheaper & faster internet. Jardim tribute.

Internet cable map

New submarine cable

Faster and cheaper internet: The Diario leads today with the news that the archipelago will enjoy cheaper and faster internet connection with the signing this week of a €13.6 million contract for a new sub-marine fibre-optic cable connecting to the continent. The ............ more

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