Porto Moniz. Airline delays.

Porto Moniz pools closed

Porto Moniz

Following on from the announcement of Lidos closing and reopening in the previous post, it has been announced that the natural bathing pools in Porto Moniz … Read more

Lidos close and re-open. easyJet.

Barreirinha lido closed

Barreirinha LidoThe Diario reports that the charmingly old-fashioned bathing complex at Barreirinha, to the east of the Old Town, and the nearby São Tiago beach next to the … Read more

Sleeping Sea Lion.

Sea lion filmed asleep

sea lion sleepingThanks to Peter for alerting me to the unusual footage below of a sea lion or “Lobo Marinho” (after which the Porto Santo ferry and the … Read more

Porto Santo beach controversy.

Green Party condemns beach reclamation

Porto Santo beachPorto Santo beach: The Diario reports this morning that the Greens Party have issued a press release condemning the work being carried out in the … Read more

Brexit: EHIC card threatened.

EHIC card to go after Brexit?

EHIC cardThe Independent today reports that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted that Brexit could mean the end of free medical treatment in the EU … Read more

Airline behaviour. FC Porto.

Transavia dump passengers

Transavia planeA rather alarming story is coming out of the latest batch of flight cancellations at Madeira Airport. On April 24th three French travellers arrived at the Airport, … Read more

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