TAP – more criticism. Yellow warning.

TAP cancels another flight without explanation

TAP planeTAP cancelled another flight to Madeira yesterday, this time the regular late departure from Lisbon. Passengers booked on TP 1691, scheduled to depart at 21.50 last night, were told they would have to switch to this-afternoon’s flight TP 1687, departing from Lisbon at 4:05 p.m. Passengers were only informed of the cancellation by a text message, and the reason for the cancellation was not disclosed. The corresponding return flight early this morning was also cancelled as a result.
Commenting on the story the Diario notes that the Portuguese airline has been news recently but not for the best reasons.

Yellow warning for the end of the week

Yellow warningThe Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere have issued two notices for Madeira’s north coast  and Porto Santo due to heavy seas being forecast. Northwesterly waves are expected to be 4 to 4.5 metres from 21:00 tomorrow until midnight on Friday. My new “PredictWind” App seems to agree!

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  1. The reason for all these changes and cancelations is well publicised. The pilots are on a work to rule, and refuse to work extra hours and rest days. What is not well publicised is the effects of this action and the impact on flights with reasonable notice.


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