Sailing ships in port.

Sailing ships in Funchal

Sailing ships in port. 1A couple of noteworthy masted sailing ships were docked in Funchal this afternoon – a rather refreshing change to the huge liners that normally occupy these berths. The smaller is the four-masted Santa Maria Manuela (on the right in the photo above), a sea training and cruise ship belonging to Grupo Jerónimo Martins, whilst the second, larger ship is not immediately easy to identify – I’m sure somebody will enlighten us!


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  1. I use an app on my phone called Mariine Travel and I look at it all the time from the UK to see which ships are in Funchal port. The other ship is Polish and is the Dar Mlodziezy which sailed from Antwerp. Hope this is useful.

  2. Beat me! I was so pleased with myself for spotting the possibly Polish flag and then finding the ship on my photos from last summer’s Tall Ships Race in Turku, Finland. Ah well, need to check e-mail more often.

  3. At the Tall Ships Race, this was the ship (tied up) that populated the yard arms with (presumably) cadets who performed synchronised taking off of their caps. (Hold on with one hand and pull cap off head and to the side).

    Sounds stupid in my description, but it was a pleasure to watch (and I am an old fogey who was dragged along to the ”Race” by my wife).

    So, if the ships are there as part of an event, it might be worth being around an hour or so before they leave.


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