Marine Traffic App. Charity book fair.

Marine Traffic App

Thanks to Sue, commenting on the last post – I feel rather foolish, as I have the Marine Traffic App and never thought to use it – I thought it only tracked the cruise liners! In fact it goes into much greater detail than I realised, identifying the two Naval Support vessels that were moored alongside.

Marine Traffic App screensnap

The App appears to have a small price tag – well worth it for the wealth of information it provides. More details on the Dar Mlodziezy also appear in Wikipedia

Marine Traffic App screensnap 2

Charity Book Fair

Charity Book Fair poster

One final reminder for the Charity Book Fair being held at the Pestana Village Garden Resort today – more details in the original post here.

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  1. AIS (Automatic identification system) is fitted to all vessels of 300 gross tons and over, and all passenger vessels. most of Madeira’s fishing vessels can be seen, together with the port tugs, pilot boats and lifeboats. Great app, also available on pc, laptop etc


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