Café Concerto.

Café Concerto still closed

Café Concerto nowRather sadly, Café Concerto, one of Funchal’s landmark cafes remains closed. Located in the Municipal Gardens it had possibly one of the best locations in the city centre. The cafe was very popular with locals and tourists alike, and it is difficult to see it getting into financial problems through lack of business, but it suddenly closed last month for whatever reason. A comment on the cafe on TripAdvisor amazingly says the Municipal Gardens, also known as Dona Amélia Gardens “are maybe not the prettiest setting” in Funchal! Below, a photo in happier times.

Café Concerto in better times



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  1. The café in Santa Catarina park opposite the swan lake hasn’t reopened either, despite some repairs on the roof carried out about a year ago… Can anyone shed light on this? Perhaps the rationales for these two closures are related? It was super popular with tourists and locals, too, and always a very lovely spot to stop, especially with small children.

  2. Why do you guys have to invent these stories … to fill empty space? The cafe closed because the concession expired some time ago (2014)… or so says Funchal council. The partnership that had the consession wanted to renew, but the Câmara didn’t process it or accept it. The matter will be in court soon, with the partnership optimistic that it will be back in business soon.

    The internet is full of false information, for various reasons, but from what I have read here it is just idle gossip.

    • I agree with your observations only question which of course no one can answer is why were the CMF not interested in renewing the concession? Here I think is a perfect place for rumors and speculation to develop if the CMF do not provide any statement or reasons for their actions, assume will fall back on the old sub-judicy argument now everything going to court but how long will that process take?

    • Thank you for the update Jorge. Like all posts here it was thoroughly researched before being published, but I could find no explanation for the closure. It was certainly open in March this year.


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