TAP problems. CR7 sculptor.

TAP cancellations cause concern

TAP problemsTAP problems: After an unusual number of cancellations were observed earlier this week by press agency Lusa, TAP said that it regretted the situation and was “acting to minimise the impacts on its passengers”. The Facebook page of the national carrier attracted a number critical comments on the lack of crew, and the “innumerable delays”.
On the 15th of this month, TAP pilots attended  meeting convened by their union SPAC and decided to mandate the union leadership to continue negotiations with the company. SIC TV later reported that the Pilots were asking for a 43% pay increase but the company just offering 1%. “These negotiations have to do with matters related to the regulation of outsourcing and the salary update, “according to a SPAC statement released after the meeting. The union said that it was working “for the resolution of the depreciation situation salary of pilots “. The pilots also had on the agenda the “adoption of necessary measures, including the use of industrial action”.
A consumer rights organisation which had been consulted said that some of the delays were as long as seven or eight hours, and so “should be treated as cancellations”. In case of flight cancellations, they said, passengers should decide whether they want to travel on another date or receive compensation – to which they have a legal right.
On Monday Lusa contacted the pilots’ union about reports that its members had been refusing to work on their days off and weekly rest days, but officials declined to comment.

Ronaldo sculptor

Ronaldo sculptorThanks to Mike Walsh, who sent in an interesting link to a video about Emanuel Santos, the maker of the statue of Ronaldo at the airport. https://mobile.twitter.com/brfootball/status/979296805069484032/video/1 and thought it would be interesting to other readers. Starts off with the interviewer asking “Since you had not made a bust before…what makes you think you could do a bust of Ronaldo for the airport?”

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