Giant waves in Porto Moniz

Giant waves  go viral

Giant waves in Porto Moniz 1Just a few minutes ago (Sunday – 16.30) the Diario started to feature a sequence of photos of giant waves at Porto Moniz, on the north coast of the island, that  are going viral on the internet. One of the photographers (Filipe Teixeira is credited for most) reckons the waves to be 18 – 20 metres in height.  Filipe Teixeira has labelled the scene as”The ‘canyon’ of Porto Moniz”, an allusion to the ‘canyon’ of Nazaré’ on the mainland, which is also internationally recognised for recording giant waves.

Giant waves in Porto Moniz 3

Giant waves in Porto Moniz 5

Giant waves in Porto Moniz 7

YouTube video just posted:


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  1. I remember some years ago we had a week’s holiday and stayed in Porto Moniz. One morning we saw water running down the road. Went outside, a beautiful sunny day, no wind and bloody great waves crashing ashore. So strong they bent lamp posts and flattened some of the railings and chucked loads of stones into the roads.

    Typical Madeira, next day you would never know it happened apart from the taped-off railings!


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