Weather to worsen again?

Weather to deteriorate again?

Weather to worsen againA few of the local TV channels have today featured the possibility of weather conditions worsening once again over the next couple of days, but not a lot in the local press or online. The graphic is from windguru, which is normally pretty reliable. The airport has been operating smoothly over the last few days, despite heavy rain overnight and steady rain throughout most of today, but might be heading for trouble again, particularly on Friday!

“Felix Depression”

Update: the Diario caught up with this story later tonight, carrying a story on the Felix Depression, which is centred above the Azores. This depression will directly affect Portugal, Spain and the western part of France, following its course to the Northeast, more precisely to the British Isles. It is expected that the most significant effects in Portugal will be strong wind and strong maritime agitation.
The “spin-off” of this depression is that the mountainous regions of Madeira have been placed under an orange alert due to strong winds, expected to be around 130 km/h. On the north and south coasts, the warning is set to yellow.


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  1. South coast Orange alert for winds from 23:59 until 08:59 tomorrow morning……Yellow for rain, starting 20:59 until 14:59 tomorrow afternoon.
    Although it is raining rather heavily at the moment!
    Nice and sunny morning though and village doggie walk…..


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