Road closures.

Numerous roads still closed

Road closuresNumerous sections of the regional roads on the island remain closed after the recent bad weather. Yesterday’s Diario put the number at 21 – both their website and the Journal online list the following routes as being affected, with the most recent being the road connecting Jardim do Mar and Estreito de Calheta which was closed after a rockfall. Below is a full list of the road closures and those where there are restricted access:

Closed regional roads

ER 201 – Caminho dos Pretos – entre o Terreiro da Luta and Curral dos Romeiros
ER 228 – Between Rosário and Encumeada

Regional roads with restricted transit

ER 103 – Between Ribeira das Cales and Poiso
ER 201 – Caminho dos Pretos – between Curral dos Romeiros and Palheiro Ferreiro
ER 203 – Estrada das Carreiras – between Poiso and Bar 21
ER 103 – Between Achada do Cabouco and Degolada
ER 110 – Porto da Cruz, entre a Vila and sítio da Cruz
ER 202 – Between Terreiros and Santo da Serra
ER 225 – Between Fonte de Santo António and Santo da Serra
ER 101 – Between Portas da Vila and Achadas da Cruz
ER 210 – Prazeres – Fonte do Bispo
ER 223 – Between Jardim do Mar and Estreito da Calheta

Regional roads closed as a result of ongoing works or other reasons

ER 110 – Between the junction with the ER 202 (Santo António da Serra / Poiso) and the roundabout connecting to the ER 207, in Santo António da Serra.
ER 110 – Site of Lombo das Faias, between Santo da Serra e a Portela
ER 110 – Next to the new Cemetery at Porto da Cruz
ER 221 – Between Seixal and Chão da Ribeira
ER 105 – Between boca da Encumeada and Bica da Cana (Paúl da Serra)

Regional roads with restricted transit, as a consequence of ongoing works or other reasons

ER 118 – Estrada de acesso à via rápida pela Ribeira de João Gomes (entre a Rua Dom Ernesto Sena de Oliveira and nó da Pestana Júnior na via rápida)
ER 110 – Between Portela and Porto da Cruz (Serrado)
ER 225 – Between Fonte de Santo António and Santo da Serra
ER 220 (antiga ER 232) – Falca


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  1. We arrived yesterday and it has pretty much rained since 6pm on Monday
    and is still raining now at 3pm Tuesday. But it is warm!! We have exchanged Scottish snow for rain!! There has certainly been a lot of rain here this past week. Fortunately no tornados as happened in the Algarve.


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