Weather and airport update. Calheta.

Not a great deal too report overnight, after a very eventful week with the weather featuring heavily – as indeed it has across the whole of Europe. The airport is also operating smoothly this morning.

Figueira da Foz patrol boatThe patrol vessel  Figueira da Foz  spent the night of Thursday sailing off the north coast of Madeira,  returning this morning to the south coast to rejoin the search operations of the tourist who was swept out to sea at Praia Formosa on Wednesday night. The vessel should should have stayed overnight in the port of Funchal, but did not do so in order to facilitate the arrival of a cruise ship due early this morning. Poor visibility early this morning has limited the involvement in the search of the Portuguese Air Force helicopter.

At the airport there were a few problems last night with easyJet and TAP flights from Lisbon returning there after failing to land. This had knock-on effects today, with the corresponding departures being cancelled.  Otherwise all OK, but according to the Portuguese “Met Office” today will see “moderate to strong” wind in the airport area.

Calheta and Paul do Mar videos

A video has appeared on YouTube showing the collapse of the seawall at Calheta:

and another, taken by a drone shows the effect of the seas at Paul do Mar

2 thoughts on “Weather and airport update. Calheta.”

  1. Sad someone lost their life but all this time and effort needed to try and recover his body.
    If he only he had heeded the warnings.

    It isn’t insensitive to state facts.

  2. It is always awful when someone disappear into the sea. Or fall down from a levada.
    I never understand how some people concider when visiting Madeira.
    I have myself several times warned people up in Monte against the Levada dos Tornos going northbound. The track is only for suicide victims. No railing and steep down.
    Some years ago I had a swim from the peir at the Cliff Bay to the peir at the Vidamar hotel and back. At least two life guards kept an eye on me the whole time. Safe back on land they told me about the german lady who once insisted to have this swim when the yellow flag was up.
    She was caught by the underwater streams and ended up far out from land.
    The coastguard was called and managed to pick her up, but she was presented to the bill which was quite something..
    So the moral is: do respect the brutality and forces in the nature.
    The Atlantic sea is not too friendly.


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