125km/h gusts recorded at airport

TAP A330Looks like today is shaping up to be similar to yesterday, with strong winds and yet more rain out at the airport. Already two incoming flights and three departures have been officially cancelled, and I would guess that list will grow as the day progresses. Certainly nothing is moving so far.
The Diario reported yesterday that TAP Air Portugal intended to send two A330s on Thursday to accommodate passengers who were held at Madeira airport due to bad weather, the carrier said. “Tomorrow (Thursday) we will have two A330s (long-haul instead of the usual mid-course, smaller ones) to transport passengers to Lisbon who are being held in Funchal due to bad weather…if weather conditions allow it”. TAP cancelled all of its 14 flights yesterday (7 in, 7 out). 30 connections in total were cancelled due to the very strong wind, which yesterday evening  saw gusts of 125 km/h recorded by the IPMA weather station located in the control tower at the airport.
Swiftair on Flightradar24As of 9.00 the easyJet Lisbon flight has turned back after holding, and a Swiftair cargo plane (pictured on Flightradar24 seems to have finally given up after circling for ages. The Porto Santo Ferry has put back its departure from 8.00 to 10.30am as sea conditions are forecast to improve.
10:30 Touch wood! The weather seems to be improving rapidly at the airport.
11.:30 The first plane today has just landed, Condor Flugdienst from Munich, with another Condor from Hamburg having to circle before landing safely. The next arrivals are this afternoon, so let hope the weather holds. A batch of departures are scheduled starting around 3.00pm.
16:00 Everything progressing smoothly this afternoon apart from a late arrival from Porto. Looks to be returning to normal. I believe one of the larger capacity TAP planes has just arrived.

19:00 All going smoothly apart from TAP messing around with a few Lisboa flights.

Friday: All perfect……weather……airport

7 thoughts on “Weather….airport……update.”

  1. I came on Monday and Finnair landed at the second pass after saying the wind had been *just* over the limit on the first pass.

    I also made clearly the wrong decision by choosing a hotel in Santo da Serra so I could play golf. It’s done hardly anything but rain and the wind can be heard howling when inside almost all day and night.(ten minutes sun in total so far)

    As for golf. I was soaked within minutes; the wind made it virtually impossible to put rain clothes on top of everything else and on two holes (of the nine I staggered through) there were hailstones.

    So perhaps it wouldn’t have been such a disaster if that Monday plane hadn’t landed 🙂

  2. Reply to Mike B.

    Depends on your definition of fresh…

    I get all the minus 10C fresh air I can wish for at home. I don’t need to come here to enjoy it. 🙂


    I walked down to Machico today and saw what looked to be a very empty airport. The wind coming down wasn’t bad but when I got to the same level as the airport (and close to the sea) it picked up a lot and I was afraid it would blow me over the barrier.


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