Weather warning – Porto Santo ferry already cancelled. Airport.

Weather warning for next few days

Agitated weather in Funchal portThe Diario tonight reports that the Portuguese Navy and the National Maritime Authority have warned of worsening conditions of the state of the sea in the archipelago of Madeira, advising against pedestrians using seafront walkways and recommending the return of any vessels to their nearest ports. Based on the forecasts of the Portuguese “Met Office”, IPMA, the authorities indicate that there is a “maritime upheaval with a significant height of over six metres”, especially on the north coast of Madeira and the island of Porto Santo with “special incidence during the morning of Thursday”.
They have placed the Madeira archipelago under an orange warning due to the bad weather forecasts with the waves predicted to reach 6.5 metres on the north coast and on the island of Porto Santo, with gusts exceeding 100 kilometres per hour in the mountainous areas. Expect problems at the airport.
The Porto Santo ferry, Lobo Marinho, has already cancelled the trip scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, because it considers that “the safety conditions for the vessel and passengers are not met “.

Wednesday morning: Problems already seem to be setting in at the airport, with the usual Aero VIP flight from Porto Santo having landed, but the easyJet flight from Lisbon being forced into a holding pattern on approach, before returning to Lisbon. The next flight due, also easyJet, from Geneva, also seems to be having problems. That one didn’t make it either and appears to be heading back to the mainland. The Bristol easyJet flight seems to be struggling as well, and behind that is the Gatwick flight. You wonder why easyJet fly here with all these problems? TAP at least can just cancel and reschedule (they have already cancelled their first Lisbon flight today).

Wednesday afternoon: Strong gusting winds throughout the island all day, making driving a car on the Rapida dangerous, never mind landing a plane. The airport remains closed and the sea looks rough. Conditions forecast to get worse if anything.

Weather warning - Porto Santo ferry already cancelled. Airport. 1Wednesday evening: No sign of the airport reopening immediately (17.00). Guess most flights will re-schedule for tomorrow, although the forecast is not set to improve until Friday, before going downhill again in time for the main Carnival on Saturday! More snow has fallen on the high peaks in the centre of the island, leading to many photos such as that on the front page of the Journal. Guess there’s a lot of disappointed tourists around at the moment.

Moscow saw all records for snowfall broken as nearly half a metre fell over a couple of days, breaking a record set in the 1950’s. 850 flights were cancelled. It amazes me how the Russians just cope with snow, driving around as normal on roads covered with compacted snow and ice without fancy tyres or chains. Remarkable contrast between Madeira and Russia – the weather completely determines lifestyle.

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  1. A lot of the locals – even in Funchal – have been saying how unusually cold and wet it has been for the last few weeks. Doesn’t look good for Carnival – let’s hope it improves.

  2. I know coming from cold and grey England we have a different perspective but the weather for us in Madeira from 9th Jan to 30th seemed until the very last day as good or better than we can remember, visiting at the same time for the past 12 years. There was no daytime rain at all and mostly sunny warm days. That included the north in Porto Monitz with just one windy day west at Machico.

    Now we are home people have commented on how tanned we are!!


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