Calheta rockfall. Poor weather set to continue.

Rockfall in Calheta

Calheta rockfallThe Journal reports recreational port of Calheta has been closed for two days a large boulder fell on the road there, narrowly missing a bus. Regional Government workers will repair the damage and assess the situation. The port has been temporarily closed as a security measure.

Rockfalls created in CalhetaWork to reinforce the cliff face was already planned for early this year – the Diario reports that a new phase of  “intervention” on the escarpment overlooking Calheta was scheduled for  March at a cost of around €4 million.
The Journal later posted a photo of a further rockfall being deliberately created by workmen to reduce the risk of any secondary falls.

Weather forecast remains poor

Lenticular cloud over FunchalThe Diario reports that the weather forecast for the next few days in the Region again includes the possibility of snowfall on the peaks inland, and the resumption of strong winds, once again with particular focus on the eastern end of the island. At least the snow in the centre of the island has made for some dramatic photos on the internet, as has the lenticular cloud that appeared over Funchal yesterday (photo from the Diario).


FacebookInteresting to read figures this week revealing that whilst the number of Facebook users continues to rise, the amount of time that each one spends online is actually coming down. Another trend, reported in the Independent, is that “Millennials” and younger no longer use Facebook as their social media of choice, preferring instead Instagram and more direct messaging such as WhatsApp.
This means that Facebook, largely full of some very banal and childish content, is now kept going by a bunch of middle-aged people! Another recent survey, reported in the Guardian, revealed that trust in ‘social media’ had tumbled to just 24 per cent.
On recent trips on the Moscow Metro, (nearly 10 million rides daily!) which is fully and freely Wi-Fi enabled, I have witnessed literally every single person in packed carriage after packed carriage on their mobile phone. Sat next to one young woman and watched her whizzing at incredible speed through page after page on Facebook…..”like”, “like”, “like”, “like”……without even reading the content. Maybe I am just out of touch but this doesn’t bear well for the future?

8 thoughts on “Calheta rockfall. Poor weather set to continue.”

  1. I spotted a young woman in a bus queue and she was doing the same, on her mobile whizzing through fb and tapping ‘like’ on everything even though she couldn’t have read a word!! Bizarre.

  2. Regarding the rockfall; it is essential that the cliff face is stabilized as this is very near our main Calheta supermarket as well as the two hotels and the main beach and the marina. Every year there seem to be rockfalls along that road. Surely it should be a priority regardless of the disruption it would undoubtedly cause.

  3. Not sure you will ever solve the problem with the rockfalls at Calheta – putting netting etc in place will be bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge – as soon as you’ve got to one end, back to the other. The daily hot sunshine, with the odd heavy shower and moisture from the sea will be a continuous erosion on the cliff-face

  4. I must say that I hate FaceBook with a passion – whilst it might have been a good concept at the outset most of the content is complete drivel nowadays. Whatever happened to the art of conversation?

  5. I’m not sure that outright negative judgements about FB are helpful, dare I say it. I am a FB member of quite a few chosen and targeted groups, including several for Madeira, which are excellent. And one can, with practice, read, like and respond to many posts very quickly … and remember the contents too, in my experience. It is simply a different ‘art of conversation’ which connects many people across and within countries who otherwise would not be able to share passions, interests and experiences. I would be happy to post the links to some Madeira ones 😀😀


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