TAP strike. Café do Teatro closed.

TAP strike called for Carnival

TAP strikeThe Portugal News reports that cabin crew from Portuguese flag carrier TAP are going on strike between 9 and 11 February and plan partial stoppages in March as they say they cannot come to an agreement with the management of the company about “violations of the company agreement and working conditions”. An extraordinary meeting decided to present immediate notice of the strike during Carnival. The cabin crew union also said it would keep issuing three-day strike notices every month if TAP Air Portugal did not become less intransigent. I think we have been here before…….

Café do Teatro closed for improvements

Café do TeatroThe Diario reports that the iconic Café do Teatro, on the main Avenida Arriaga in central Funchal, closed last night to allow refurbishment that will last about a month and a half. In an investment amounting to almost €400,000, the Café do Teatro will  receive a facelift, both inside and on the terrace opposite the Municipal Gardens.

Not exactly Madeira……

Moscow snowFor all of those wearing shorts and “T” shirts in Madeira, a quick idea of what your (normally) local blogger is currently looking at by mid-afternoon in Moscow (and again at 8.00 in the morning before it even thinks about becoming light). Police sirens at 3.00am this morning with armed police charging through the hotel in jackboots, shouting….. This morning our taxi driver was stopped for doing an illegal “U” turn which meant an hour’s delay due to inspection of documents, the contents of his boot being scrutinised, and, interestingly, a very detailed examination of the driver’s Yandex (Uber style) GPS dashboard software…. then watch them do it all again at minus 10c after the driver left the door open!
An English friend visiting here this week went to buy a Russian SIM card to increase the 3Mbps standard; passport requested – closely examined and discussed, copied, phone calls made……… an hour later he was was finally allowed to buy one. You cannot access quite a lot of websites here that you would normally take for granted (online banking, and the Guardian are just two examples) even using a VPN, unless you change browsers, when some sites work. WhatsApp turns its toes up frequently, and Portuguese mobile to mobile calls don’t work consistently, plus a UK mobile cannot access the Portuguese mobiles via the Russian mobile network. Big brother! Just Google Russia and state censorship of the internet.

4 thoughts on “TAP strike. Café do Teatro closed.”

  1. I remember the old days, sitting outside the theatre bar supping a pint of Guiness and watching the world go by. All changed now though. It’s going to be like the Golden Goose oops, I meant Golden Gate and the Ritz. High prices and trying to pull in wealthy punters who love paying over the odds.

    I’ll stick with Bar O Avô.

  2. It will be interesting to see the facelift etc. We have always thought the Teatro cafe to be rather dark and dingy, even outside with the black sunumbrellas. And often a bit smelly inside! In my experience, the loos have been rather grim. The Golden Gate now is pricey but the outside area is ok. Have to say I preferred the old version, without the (imho) OTT staff livery. We found it intriguing at Christmas/New Year to see that the former, martinet-like maitre d at the Ritz has transferred allegiance now to the GG!! We do like the Ritz for something a bit more than the (lovely) local bars etc … staff friendly, they recognise us year in, year out; food is excellent and good value, bearing in mind location etc. Good wine too, whilst watching everyone go by. Mind you, the Atlantic is our favouritest for a special meal 😀


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