Poor weather. Airport conditioned.

Poor weather

Pico do AreeiroThe poor weather that seems to be the pattern just recently saw strong winds and rain overnight. Some snow fell on the inland peaks yesterday. The access road … Read more

Porto Santo ferry returns.

Porto Santo Ferry maintenance complete

Porto Santo ferry returns. 1The maintenance of the Porto Santo ferry, the “Lobo Marinho”, is almost complete according to its operator, Porto Santo Line, according to a video posted … Read more

Flu. Safe tap water. Airport.

Flu outbreak continues

Dr Nelio Mendonca Hospital FunchalIn the current flu (“gripe” locally) season, authorities in Madeira have reported seven hospitalisations due to influenza A. Of these, five have been discharged and two remain … Read more

Weather warning. Air travel.

Weather warning for strong seasWeather warning

The Diario report that IPMA, the Portuguese “Met Office”, have raised the weather warning to Orange due to the heavy seas predicted for the next few days. The … Read more

Gray day forecast

Gray day forecast 7The Diario reports this morning that a gray day (or should it be “grey day”?) is forecast with rainy periods in some areas of Madeira by IPMA, the Portuguese Met … Read more

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