Madeira “Back in Fashion”. Christmas.

Thomas Cook press release“Retro destinations”

Madeira was being discussed on the BBC yesterday after a press release from Thomas Cook announced that “Retro destinations are making a comeback”, specifically mentioning three resorts; Costa Brava, Malta and Madeira. One Breakfast News presenter unkindly described Madeira as “somewhere your Grandma used to go to”. In the publicity material Chris Mottershead, Managing Director at Thomas Cook UK, said:

“Thomas Cook has been opening up a world of firm favourite and new travel experiences to the great British public for more than 176 years. During this time we’ve seen destinations move up and down the popularity stakes and next year we’re predicting that Malta, Madeira and Costa Brava will catch the attention of holidaymakers who perhaps didn’t think they ticked the right box for their needs. From Michelin star restaurants in Costa Brava to music festivals in Malta and outstanding natural beauty in Madeira, these retro destinations really will challenge holidaymakers’ misconceptions.”

The publicity material continues:

Thomas Cook has spotted Madeira’s potential for growth in the holiday stakes and reintroduced it for 2018.
Often referred to as the floating garden due to its outstanding natural beauty, Madeira has cast off its old-fashioned image as the go-to destination for the more mature traveller and reinvented itself to become a desirable hotspot for the younger ‘trendy’ traveller who is looking for a lively restaurant and bar scene.
This destination is definitely not just for those who prefer to sit still with a wide range of outdoor activities on offer. Thrill seekers will not be disappointed by the challenging Levada walks, mountain climbing or its world famous Monte Toboggan, where tourists travel from Monte to Funchal in a wooden toboggan with two guides at great speed.
The sporting theme continues as Madeira is well-known for being home to Cristiano Ronaldo and football fans can visit the celebrity footballer’s museum or stay at his famous CR7 hotel.

Christmas Programme

Madeira "Back in Fashion". Christmas. 1With the lights set to be switched on this Friday 1st Dec. there is the usual program of events throughout the month, culminating, of course, with the New Years Eve firework display. The full list can be found on the visitmadeira website


Heavy rain, rather than strong winds, impacted on the airport only briefly first thing yesterday morning, causing a few flights to maintain a holding pattern before landing. More very heavy localised showers this morning (Tuesday). Yours truly should be flying later today, weather permitting, but only if CTT Correios see fit to deliver passports that finally have the appropriate visas. Talk about Portuguese paperwork clashing with Russian bureaucracy………….! Blogs could be a bit thin on the ground for a while.

5 thoughts on “Madeira “Back in Fashion”. Christmas.”

  1. I dislike comments ‘more suited to the mature clientele’

    Visited in July with our grown up kids & grandkids.

    One of our best family holidays ever.

    Will be returning.

  2. Dislike the commonly used phrase when mentionig the Island.
    ‘More suited to the mature adult’
    Do not think that is accurate anymore.
    Our grown up kids and grandchildren accompanied us iin the Summer
    and we had the best family holiday ever.
    Despite being caught up in the airport chaos we will returning.

  3. Have been visiting for forty years, sometimes twice a year my children and grandchildren have all visited regularly and my grandchildren all very disappointed at not being able to come this new year.
    Summer holiday in Madeira is as enjoyable new year.
    Look in forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.


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