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After last nights storms – thunder, lightening and heavy rain across much of the island – the outlook is poor for the foreseeable future according to nearly all the forecasts.
The Journal reports the adverse weather situation was correctly predicted by the SRPC – the Civil Protection – which issued a statement saying that poor weather “should be felt from Friday night, with moderate to strong precipitation accompanied by thunderstorms, with a temporary improvement in the afternoon and evening of Saturday, returning to “aggravated” on Sunday”. The orange warning for precipitation and thunder during last night returns for Sunday night and the whole of Monday according to the SRPC.

Rain “floods” the Southwest of the island

The Diario online headline is: “Rain “floods” the Southwest of the island” reporting that last night saw rain in the ‘yellow’ band (10 to 20 mm in one hour) in the Quinta Grande (10,4), Lugar de Baixo (17,7), Ponta do Pargo (17,8), Tuesday (13.2) and Porto Moniz (11.2). Particularly noteworthy are the records at the Ponta do Sol and Calheta stations, which were close to reaching the next ‘orange’ level Very close to the ‘yellow’ were the amounts recorded in the stations of Bica da Cana (9.7), Chão do Areeiro (9.5) and Pico do Areeiro (8,2).

The same paper reports that the bad weather that hit Madeira’s southern coast since the beginning of the night has already caused setbacks at Madeira Airport, as it did not allow the 20.45 easyJet flight from Lisbon to land. The aircraft was obliged to divert on arrival and wait in the air for the opportunity to land. After an unsuccessful attempt to approach the runway at around 21:15 the plane returned to Lisbon.

The forecast according to the Portuguese “Met Office”, IPMA, doesn’t look too good for quite a while:

IPMA forecast

whilst the BBC largely seems to concur:

BBC weather forecast for Funchal

Sunday 16.00: the IPMA forecast seems to be getting worse in terms of rain expected later this week/next weekend:

weather forecast Madeira 26/11/17

Sunday: The Diario is reporting that the Regional Civil Protection Service has raised the warning of heavy precipitation, accompanied by a thunderstorm, to ‘orange’ for the South Coast and Mountainous Regions of Madeira Island. The alert (the second most serious) covers up to 21.00 today.


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  1. Just checked the webcam and at 14.18 on Saturday 25 Nov the sun is shining in Funchal and the temp is 72 whilst in Cumbria it is 4 degrees and the latest hailstorm has just finished.I know where I’d rather be.

  2. Just updated the weather forecast for the next week above – doesn’t look to be improving. Apologies if you’re here on holiday – I know rain is the last thing you want – but the island has had a very dry year, fires have broken out regularly throughout the summer months, and a lot of the locals are now delighted to see some of the wet stuff.

  3. Madeira needs the rain and it us certainly very welcome.

    If you are on holiday it can be disappointing to have wet weather, but worth remembering that it is winter on the island, same as it is in the UK, and so hot sunny weather is certainly not guaranteed during your stay.

  4. More steady rain this afternoon. Much needed, I’m afraid, as Emily says. Tourists early next year will appreciate this, as the plants will benefit from the rainfall now. Most unusual year for the weather, not just dry but more recently hot days alternating with cooler ones.

  5. A few years ago a company were flying guests in to our hotel whilst we were there in January making us chuckle as they were interpreting Sub-Tropical as hot and dry complaining at the, either shorllived or overnight, falls of rain.
    I wanted to ask them how they expected the abundant greenery of our Paradise Island managed to flourish but didn’t


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