Poor weather. Recycling. Madeira Piano Fest.

Weather going downhill?

strong sea swellsLooks like “autumn”, if you can call it that, has finally arrived in Madeira after a glorious 5-6 week spell of weather extending summer until just a few days ago.
IPMA, the Portuguese “Met Office”, have issued a yellow alert for the Madeira archipelago due to strong wind and sea “bustle” (what a great word!) according to the Journal. This comes into effect at 21:00 today and currently lasts until 03:00am on Thursday. The wind will be moderate to strong north-easterly, gusting up to 80 km/h, especially at the extreme “ends” of the island. In mountainous areas the wind will be strong E/NE with gusts up to 95 km/h and on the island of Porto Santo gusts are expected to be 70 km/h. It was already fairly windy from the airport to Funchal yesterday (Monday), but so far the airport itself has been unaffected – I will update here should that situation change
As for the sea , the yellow alert is in effect between 12 noon tomorrow until 18.00 on Thursday. Northeasterly waves are expected to reach 4 to 5 metres on both the north coast of Madeira and Porto Santo.

ARM ‘Recycling is good for the Planet’ campaign

waste recyclingÁguas e Resíduos da Madeira (ARM – Madeira’s Water and Waste company) is to be credited for promoting a campaign ‘Reciclar faz bem ao Planeta, aimed at the local population, with the objective of making people more aware of the separation of waste – plastic and metal packaging, paper and cardboard, glass – and their correct disposal in Ecopoints, in order to improve recycling on the island. From a personal point of view I have regularly experienced the complete disregard that some locals have for the colour-coded Ecopoints, instead just using the most convenient wheelie-bin. Maybe this will change just a little with all the publicity that the amount of plastic in the ocean has been getting in the media recently.
Publicised in various media outlets, the campaign began on November 4, with the opening of an exhibition and leisure activities in Madeira Shopping, where visitors have the opportunity to test their knowledge about the separation of waste, with prizes for those who demonstrate good environmental practices. The exhibition can be visited until November 12th.

Madeira Piano Fest

Madeira Piano FestBit late on this one, but the Madeira Piano Fest concludes next weekend. The Association of the Friends of the Madeira Conservatory of Music are organising the event at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, in Funchal. The second edition of the festival features ten pianists from eight different countries: Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, and Portugal, performing combinations of piano duet recitals and four hands piano concerts.
“From harmonious and humorous pieces, to pieces with great emotional depth and artistic impact, this event aims to demonstrate this instrument´s almost unlimited potential, a key element for developing the creativity of many composers from a range of different periods, resulting in the creation of a vast repertoire”.

6 thoughts on “Poor weather. Recycling. Madeira Piano Fest.”

  1. What happens to the waste in recycling bins? I assume it gets shipped back to the mainland for processing. With limited space for landfill recycling is vital on a small island.

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  3. Maurice – despite what Admin observes, garbage recycling is very high on the island (among the highest in Portugal), starting at a depot in Funchal where the primary separation after collecting is carried out. The bulk is subsequently incinerated at a big plant in the vicinity of Camacha/Poiso, which also processes whatever is reusable. Glass, cardboard and tyres are, I understand, sent to Lisbon for processing as you guessed.


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