Blog remains popular. easyJet. Sterling falls.

Blog remains No. 1

It is a few months now since the blog “split” from its main sponsor, the holiday rentals business which has now succesfully re-branded as simply MadeiraDirect. The blog remains alone on the original website where it now has more resources, but visitor traffic has been split between the two distinct sites. However analysis last month on shows that the blog still remains in pole position with search engines when it comes to all matters Madeira (except fish!):

Madeira blog rankings

easyJet spat continues

TAP and easyJet planes at Madeira airportBoth local newspapers report extensively on easyJet threatening to withdraw the Lisbon/Funchal route unless the way that the Regional Government plan to administer the resident subsidy is changed. At the moment the fare is effectively capped at €86, but a local may have to pay €4-500 up front before subsequently claiming the difference back. The Madeiran authorities are trying to simplify this and have agreed a procedure with TAP, but easyJet are not happy to fit in with the same model. No doubt a solution will be found – however easyJet have already declined a similar arrangement with their flights to the Canaries.

Sterling loses gains

Sterling drops against EuroThe rate change by the Bank of England was widely expected yesterday, but the “dovish” comments by it’s Governor caused Sterling to lose a lot of the gains it had been making recently. Mark Carney indicated that the next rate rises may be some way away – he hinted that the rate is likely to rise twice more over the next three years – causing investors to lose interest in the currency.

10 thoughts on “Blog remains popular. easyJet. Sterling falls.”

  1. Carney keeps coming up with comments that trigger a fall in the pound. He’s opposed to Brexit and just keeps up with the negative comments. The UK economy is strong and will be stronger once Brexit is completed.

  2. What a misleading perspective. NOBODY knows how Brexit will pan out, but very few expect the UK to have a stronger economy. I for one will avoid buying british products, not that I buy any consciously now, and I have friends who say the same thing.

  3. Have to disagree Maurice. It’s rumoured we will have to pay around 40 billion euros to leave EU. We dont know the final bill of course but the British economy is not strong, we are up to our eyes in debt. Productivity is worse than the 70’s and growth is slowing. All this before we actually leave. Goodness knows how thing will pan out when we actually leave. Maybe we will get a pleasant surprise, but I doubt it.

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  6. Debs … interesting flight prices! We booked, in April, EasyJet Gatwick/Funchal return for this Christmas/New Year. Total cost about £740.00 for two. The same flights on the same dates for two, if we booked today, would cost about £1,600! Reckon we got a good deal by booking early!


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