Hot weather set to continue

Hot weather set to continue

Hot weather forecast for Funchal on BBCThe unusually hot weather in Madeira looks set to continue for a while at least. Temperatures in Funchal hit 27ºC  yesterday. The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmospheric (IPMA) yesterday issued an orange alert for hot weather in Madeira – South and North Coast – and Porto Sant0. Hardly a cloud in the sky anywhere on the island for a few days and today (Sunday) looks set to continue the pattern. As the sun drops lower in the  sky there have been some stunning sunrises and sunsets.
The Diario reported that recent extreme temperatures registered 31ºC in Sao Vivente on Friday. Their latest forecast indicates a slight reduction in temperatures today compared to yesterday.


After another scorcher yesterday IPMA are forecasting another hot day today, with temperatures again of 26ºC. This is predicted to fall to 25ºC tomorrow and 24ºC for the following 5 days, with some cloud beginning to appear. They recently announced that September in mainland Portugal had been the driest for 87 years. No global warming then.

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