Trip Advisor. Beer tax.

Trip Advisor logoRather mysteriously, a link that was posted on Trip Advisor to the previous blog was closed as “inappropriate”  and the thread subsequently deleted on the Trip Advisor Madeira Forum. Nothing to do with it being critical of what will become the largest hotel on the island?
The topic was not posted by anybody with anything to do with the blog – instead, posted by a Trip Advisor veteran of more than a decade with approaching 3000 contributions. Big Brother! A follow-up Topic querying the removal will probably go the same way – watch this space.
Update Friday a.m. The follow-up topic has quickly been closed by Trip Advisor:Trip Advisor "Closed topic"

Beer tax up next year

Coral beer bottleThe National Government has announced that the tax on beer will increase next year by 1.5%, which I guess is not too bad (this year it was 3%). As usual the wine industry comes out unscathed, with tax remaining the same. It always amazes me that you can buy a decent bottle of wine in Portugal for less than the minimum amount of tax that is imposed on any bottle of wine in the UK – according to a recent article in the Independent, if you buy a £5.00 bottle of wine in the UK the value of the wine itself is just 47p

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  1. I think Trip Advisor rules state somewhere that postings aren’t allowed unless you’ve actually stayed at/visited a place. So they’re following their own code of conduct. As the Savoy isn’t actually finished, let alone open, yet, that’s probably why the posts have been removed.

  2. Maurice and John – it was a different “Topic” post that was removed – don’t know whether it was the hyperlink they objected to? – but then the one that has been closed above does not have any hyperlinks?

  3. The 2 posts on Tripadvisor which you are referring to were not closed by Tripadvisor. They were ‘determined to be inappropriate by the Tripadvisor community and have been removed’. This means that other posters clicked on the Report button and after a certain amount of people report the Topic is closed automatically. A system open to abuse I think! The message on the closed posts is different if Tripadvisor close them. I don’t understand why they were closed.

  4. One of the things I like about Madeira is the great Portuguese wines you can buy for next to nothing! The mark-up by most restaurants in Funchal is a rip-off though – you pay five times the supermarket price.


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