Hot weather set to continue

Hot weather set to continue

Hot weather forecast for Funchal on BBCThe unusually hot weather in Madeira looks set to continue for a while at least. Temperatures in Funchal hit 27ºC  yesterday. The Portuguese Institute of … Read more

Best day to book a flight. Thomson disappears.

Thomson becomes “TUI”

Thomson logoYesterday the “Thomson” name officially disappeared from the UK holiday marketplace, becoming the last “TUI” subsidiary to adopt the corporate branding. The Thomson Travel Group was created … Read more

Trip Advisor. Beer tax.

Trip Advisor logoRather mysteriously, a link that was posted on Trip Advisor to the previous blog was closed as “inappropriate”  and the thread subsequently deleted on the Trip Advisor Madeira Forum. Nothing … Read more

Airport latest. Calheta fires.

Madeira Airport - queuesProblems continued at Madeira airport again today, with some rather uncivilised scenes of passengers sleeping on the airport floor overnight – not normally associated with Madeira. Having spoken to a … Read more

Monarch Airlines goes bust.

Monarch Airlines ceases trading overnight

Quick update at 6.00am Monday, as the news emerges overnight that Monarch Airlines has been placed in administration. Will post updates here when more details … Read more

Alojamento Local growth.

Alojamento Local signTodays Diario reports that the Alojamento Local tourist sector now constitutes 25% of the tourist accommodation available in the archipelago. There are currently 2,145 individual units, with a total of … Read more

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