Local elections. Ryanair.

Local elections posterNot a great deal of significant news around at the moment so thanks for Ellen who sent me a link to an article in the Portugal News a little while ago. With the local elections “hotting up” in Madeira as 1st October approaches, many expats are not aware that they may be entitled to vote – not only that but they may, as Ellen points out, have a significant impact in areas such as the Algarve.

Nationally, close to 9,400,000 citizens are registered to vote, some 27,000 of whom are foreigners in Portugal – down slightly on the previous local elections, in 2013, when 100,000 more voters were registered.
Of the foreigners registered to vote in the local elections, 13,644 are citizens of the EU, and 13,462 are foreign nationals from outside the EU. There are 7,192 foreigners registered to vote in the Algarve.
The deadline for the various parties, coalitions and citizens’ groups to submit their lists of candidates and campaign budgets closed last month – the PSD Social Democratic party, expects it will spend some €8.8 million on its candidates’ campaigns, including that in Madeira, which is down from the €11 million spent in 2013.

Ryanair – no more wheelie bags

Passengers carrying bags onto Ryanair flight.Ryanair don’t (currently!) fly here, but it is interesting to see how they manipulate their baggage policy as other airlines may follow suit. Earlier this week they announced changes to their luggage policy which will mean passengers will have to pay extra for two items of hand luggage from the beginning of November.
Passengers will only be able to carry a small bag such as a handbag or laptop bag on board with wheelie bags being placed in the hold free of charge. Currently, passengers can bring two cabin bags with them for free.
The decision comes as a number of flights are being delayed due to a lack of space in overhead lockers. Customers will no longer be allowed to carry wheelie bags on board flights unless they pay a premium of €5,50 for priority boarding. Other passengers will now only be allowed to take one small bag on board unless they pay for priority boarding.

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  1. Mauricereed, Perhaps not cynical but misinformed. You only need to see what is happening in the Algarve, where candidates are having meetings with English residents to learn of their concerns, and see what has happened here in some of the parishes where new councils have been elected.

    Because the numbers between winning and lossing are so small here, candidates know every vote counts.

    Or look at the difference the Green party has made here to animal welfare. They know they will not have a majority but know the importance of having a platform for raising issues.

    So please, before you shoot down other people’s willingness to participate fully in Madeira, educate yourself.

  2. Ellen, I’ve just got back from the island and it was local people who told us not to expect any changes. As with most politicians It’s just more of the same old same old, lots of promises before the election then nothing changes afterwards. Not me saying that but rather several native Madeirans I know plus taxi drivers and they know everything.

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  4. Emily Friday, September 1, 2017 Wagon and man.

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  5. I used Madeira Moderna last year and found them totally useless, and I cancelled the contract of sale with them after 3 months. They still phone me a year after to arrange visits, but I think I now have most of their numbers blocked becasue they are becoming less frequent. I found them totally unprofessional and would recommend avoiding them as a seller.

  6. I am sorry you did not have a good experience Jorge. However, I suppose we all have different experiences here whether it be estate agents , services , restaurants etc. As they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison . Sharing our opinions is helpful to others . I too , had a bad time trying to sell with one agent . Luckily , I have now sold .

  7. Local Elections – things DO change……Filipe Sousa, JPP party, first Gaula then SANTA CRUZ as President etc, Made a huge change to our local situation in the parish of Santa Cruz….in my opinion, a good party. VASTLY different than the “old” PSD….Orange peril – who even invaded our festa last evening with their loud speaker van and peoples!
    Your vote does count – we vote, we helped the change…to many people don’t believe that things can change …… they can!

  8. Talking of local Estate Agents I was messed around by several for a very long time who did not even advertise my property but then put it with Pink Real Estate who sold it within a few weeks and have provided great service. They have an English speaking lady from Finland who found me a Finish buyer. They even have their own in house legal department which saved me having to find a lawyer.


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