Bird strike. Serra d’Água.

Bird strike at Madeira airport

Bird strike at Madeira airportThe Diario reports on a “bird strike” that affected an incoming TUI flight from Frankfurt yesterday morning. The fuselage of the plane was discovered to be damaged when it arrived. 160 passengers due to return to Frankfurt were sent to hotels whilst the aircraft underwent maintenance after the bird strike. The flight has been re-scheduled for this morning and there were no reports of any injuries – in fact the landing was reported to have proceeded normally with no suggestions of any collision with what are described as “migratory birds” in the Diario and “a pigeon” in the Journal.

Serra d’Água.

Scenes of desolation at Serra d'AguaThe Diario last night has published a photo from Serra d’Água after the fires were extinguished – a scene it describes as “disheartening”. There is also video footage of the desolation here.

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  1. One major problem after these fires is that new eucalyptus trees spread like weeds. All around the north of Funchal you can see the distinctive colour of new eucalyptus popping up everywhere after last year’s fires. They are not native trees and they need to be removed urgently as they help spread fires due to their high oil content. They belong in Australia where many tree types depend on fires to help propagation.

  2. It is a shame that the Eucalypts are not cur back., while they smell lovely they crowd out native trees and as Mauricereed has mentioned, burn like torches. That said, it’s also a shame that these fires start at all, do we know the origin of this fire yet?


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