Animals out of control. Monte tree removed.

Animals out of control headlineThe Diario today leads with the story that more and more stray animals are to be found on the island. The president of the Regional Council of Madeira Veterinary Medical Association has issued a warning and is calling for the creation of groups of volunteers to locate the packs of dogs and colonies of cats in order that they can be sterilised and responsible adoption organised.

Monte tree removed – video

imageThe Diario on-line also has a video of the tree that tragically killed so many when it fell in Monte during a religious celebration finally being removed.

High UV warning

Madeira has a very high risk of UV radiation today according the Portuguese Met Office, IPMA.

4 thoughts on “Animals out of control. Monte tree removed.”

  1. The last time we were in Madeira, I was by myself in Camara do Lobos and a great big pack of dogs came racing down the street, where the open top bus pulls in. It was truly frightening and even the ice cream vendor jumped back his stand. Then I went to that lovely cafe overlooking the sea and there were lots more dogs and I shot in to the cafe. But they surrounded three people and it was frightening to see.

    And when we stayed down at the Hotel Porto Santo Maria, there were dogs milling around on the grass alongside the hotel and one day they chased me and I was by myself again! As I am disabled with a mobility issue it was absolutely terrifying.

    So Madeira definitely needs to take urgent action to rectify this situation.

  2. All too often the answer to a problem in Madeira is ostrich policy – stick your head in the sand and hope it goes away. I doubt the forthcoming elections will change matters.

  3. That is very unfair, Madeira has come a long way with issues of animal welfare, and under new laws domestic animals are now recognised as ‘beings’ and not ‘things’, and now have pet licences and microchip IDs.

    Unfortunately the new laws did not forsee or provide the infrastructure needed to uphold them, and animal shelters are all full up and short of funds because they cannot put the animals down as they used to. The issue will be addressed as mentioned above, but it cannot be resolved overnight, and the situation is certainly better for the animals than it was before.

    Other solutions such as municipal kennels and vets are also being discussed.


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