Pestana expansion continues.

Pestana growth

Pestana Casino Studios beforeThe reality is beginning to emerge from the ambitious plans announced by Pestana earlier this year when they revealed that they were planning 22 new hotels over the next four years in eight different countries. 4,000 rooms to the existing ones, combining to a impressive total of more than 110 hotels and 15,000 rooms in 21 countries.

Pestana Casino Studios afterFour of these new hotels were planned for Madeira, with the first, the Royal ( the former Madeira Regency Palace) already open. This will be joined shortly by the Pestana Casino Studios, alongside their Casino Park Hotel, which looked like the first photo in March this year looked like the second a couple of weeks back, after a very quick modular build.
This will be followed by the development of the new site in Câmara de Lobos, which will become the Pestana Churchill Bay, which will become a “superior four-star hotel with more than 50 rooms”. This looked like the first photo a few days ago (courtesy of skyscrapercity), with an artists impression of the finished item below.

Pestana Churchill Bay site

Pestana Churchill Bay artists impression

11 thoughts on “Pestana expansion continues.”

  1. And the fourth? The Casion apartments look like yet another monstrosity about as sympathetic to the surrounding area as the new Savoy just down the road. What ever happened to the idea of small hotels built to a human scale that utilise local architectural styles? Obviously one rule for the population and another for hotel developers.

  2. None of Pestana’s efforts in the past can be described as architectural gems – The Casino Park? The Carlton? I suppose the Grand and the Promenade are neutral at best. Difficult to think of a hotel with any style on the island now you think about it.

  3. Michael – the fourth Pestana hotel planned here is in Porto Santo, also a modular construction of about 60,000m2, similar to the one next to the Casino Park. It will be located between the Ribeiro Salgado development and the existing Pestana Porto Santo. It will have just under 400 rooms, and is planned to open in the spring of 2019.

  4. We love the Cliff Bay and think it blends in very well.

    Reid’s is the oldest and as such the most traditional.

    As mentioned Pestana did not build the Carlton; back in 1984 (our first visit) it was a Sheraton, many improvements have been made by Pestana since but the building is the same.


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