Faial harbour improvements. Mirador do Cabo Aéreo.

Faial harbourThe Journal reports today that the Parish Council of Faial has announced improvements to the wharf at Fajã do Mar in Faial, which serves around forty boats from the region, which covers Faial, Santana and Porto da Cruz.
According to the mayor new iron staircase will be introduced in order to allow the embarking and disembarking of people on pleasure boats and recreational fishing vessels which are popular there. The access ramp to the sea had already been improved in 2014., and in the following years the walkway from the same ramp to the quay was concreted.

Mirador do Cabo Aéreo, Calhau – São Jorge, Madeira

Whilst posting the above Faial story I came across a rather good video which has more than 10,000 views on YouTube – this was taken at the nearby Cabo Aéreo at Calhau.

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