Gorgulho Hotel reopens as “Tiles”. Fires.

Gorgulho hotel reopens as TilesMost visitors to Funchal will not have missed the extensive work that has been undertaken over the past months on what could arguably be described as one of Funchal’s ugliest hotels in the centre of the Lido district.
Now refurbished as a “modern four star hotel” after an investment of around €6 million, the new Tiles Madeira Hotel was inaugurated yesterday . The former ‘Gorgulho’ continues to have the distinctive tiles which have been incorporated into the brand image.
The total remodelling of the building, which now includes a rooftop bar “with a sweeping view”, has created another 10 jobs in addition to the 20 already existing. A restaurant ‘Madeirense’, is planned for later this year. The hotel has 124 rooms, although strangely, its website is not complete.
As is to be expected with elections looming, a lot of local politicians made an appearance at the opening ceremony including former President of the Regional Government of Madeira Alberto João Jardim.

Fires latest

Fires in Jardim da SerraThe column of smoke that could clearly be seen from the higher parts of Funchal yesterday afternoon indicates that the fire at Boca da Corrida in Jardim da Serra is still not extinguished. The Diario reports that firefighters and equipment remain in attendance.

8 thoughts on “Gorgulho Hotel reopens as “Tiles”. Fires.”

  1. Shame that they didn’t retain the name as Gorgulho is the original name for that bit of coastline we now know as the Lido.

    There have been a lot of fires recently. They don’t start by spontaneous combustion – the start by sparks, the Sun’s rays reflected/focussed, lightning strike etc. I still have a nasty feeling that these gave been arson.

    See previous blog ré trees coming from Os Açores.

  2. Stayed there 10 years ago. It was grim….like a 1950’s East Berlin hotel. Whatever they have now done to it has got to be an improvement.
    The brainstorming session to come up with a new name must have lasted all of three minutes. They should have got rid of the tiles and found a more imaginative name for the upgraded hotel.

  3. Have to agree it was and sadly I fear remains one of the ugliest hotels in Funchal and certainly not a thing of great architectural beauty or even thought. Why politicians should wish to be associated with such a monstrosity is unclear but then I suppose there is no such thing as bad publicity in their eyes.
    As for the fires all we can do I think is pray for some rain ASAP

  4. I have to agree with previous obsrvations, but I did think that someone with great talent could have created a trendy, cool and vibrant version of this hotel making it a feature and a landmark instead of a bad joke.

  5. phillD – the thing to remember is that there are many sources of Madeiran news for example, the Media: RTP, Journal da Madeira, Noticias etc etc. Then there are people who are resident on the island as well as the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc etc. So, with so many sources and blogs, news items WILL get duplicated. I regularly read most of those I mentioned plus the likes of skyscrapercity and will share the info with like-minded people. So don’t think of it as others copying from here but just a general pool of shared info between people(not just Brits) who care about Madeira.


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