More ferry details emerge.

imagePerhaps it is not a coincidence with elections approaching, but the Diario today carries the story that public funding of three million euros per year has increased the number of parties interested in operating the ferry link between Funchal and the mainland. Residents will have a direct discount when purchasing tickets. Port of destination for the ferry on the mainland has not yet been defined.

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  1. It would appear that the Ferry story is following it’s well worn path, get the voters exited again, keep the rhetoric going by naming possible destinations the mythical ferry will take you.
    The Madeira people are well versed in these announcements. The voting will take place, the public will chose a candidate, and decide weather it’s really worth making the effort to vote. like previous promises of a Ferry to offer an alternative holiday destination to the locals, it’s just another pipe dream.
    (Looking at the number of comments on this subject, it is following an ever decreasing interest. Politicians are
    insensitive the world over).

  2. Hi, I am faced with a 12 month delay on a cataract operation here in the Highlands of Scotland. In the meantime i am holidaying in Funchal soon, and as a shot in the dark I am wondering if i can combine the two – i.e. get it sorted in Funchal. Seems like a long shot and of course I would have to sort out price etc – Can anyone help out there to give me an idea of at least the feasibility. Thank you.

  3. Jim , I have a Madeiran friend whose father had cataract surgery last week . He was unable to have it done here and had to fly to Lisbon . However, this could have been because for some reason it was not straightforward. I asked how much it cost . The surgery , flights and overnight hotel stay came to 4000 euro . The Madeira Medical Centre are very good . I have used them in the past . Good luck as waiting a year is tough .

  4. The total funding for the ferry is worth up to 4 million euros a year including the discounted port fees. Destination will be one of 4 ports : Portimão, Lisboa, Sétubal or Leixões

  5. JIm-like Karen, I would also suggest the Madeira Medical Centre. Last year whilst on my annual holiday I had what I thought might have been a small stroke and I attended the centre who conducted a full set of blood tests and performed a brain scan. I was seen almost immediately and from arriving to leaving took no longer than two and a quarter hours. I was given a full report and pictures to take home with me. I know that the cost was less than I would have paid in the UK had I gone private. I realise your situation is different, but as Karen says it might be worth trying. The doctor’s English was pretty good – much better than my limited Portuguese! Good luck.


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