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imageFollowing on from a suggestion a couple of posts ago, I have implemented a “blank” post which will allow readers to add general questions that are not specifically associated with a particular  post or news item. I will endeavour to do this every couple of week or so in future if it proves to be a success.
Thank you for the suggestion – good to have constructive feedback!

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  1. Great idea 🙂

    I would however suggest a WP discussion plugin to keep things logical and well laid out

    Why not make it a feature of the site, I am sure it would come in handy and increase interaction etc.

    Good weekend to all

  2. What an excellent idea. I have two questions.

    The first is does anyone know how we dispose of large items of rubbish such as old beds and mattresses. In the UK I take them to the tip but have not come across this facility in Madeira.

    The second question is that I would like to source a stainless steel splashback to go behind a kitchen worktop. Any suggestions on where I can go to buy one. It will need to be cut to a specific size.

    many thanks for your help.

    • Just like UK there a city dump for public use. The one I know of is just off the main Hwy turn of for Monte. If your coming from the airport and taking the Monte turn off its immediately on your next right after the turn off. If your not clear which turn off I’m speaking of its that crazy one between tunnels where cars are turn on/off immediately after one another. There are no dump fees and you just pick your stuff in the appropriate bin.

  3. Vic- we ask a friend of ours who has a business fetching, carrying and disposing using his truck. He takes items directly to the tip. Its about 35 euros for a full truck of items, not sure about single items.

    Although it is his own truck, there are many drivers doing the same sort of work and you might have seen them around with their blue cabs with yellow stripe with the open wagon part on the back of the cab.

  4. Excellent!
    Anyone proposing to buy or sell property in Madeira needs to be warned that the purchase price should never be made through a solicitor’s bank account.

  5. Chris Oliver,
    I presume that you refer to the funds received from the sale of your property? Brits who purchase or sell their homes are used to solicitors
    taking control of their funds. they are of course protected by law.
    Do you have any information that shows people have been conned in this
    it’s a good reminder to us all, I am in the process of selling my house.
    the other issue is the extortionate rate of commission charged by agents
    in Madeira. any further information would be welcome.

    Thanks for the info Chris

  6. The Madeira airport website is working ok but their ‘certificate used to encrypt the connection ie https not http expired yesterday. You can tell your browser to proceed to the site quite safely.

    This is a big boo boo by their IT Manager!!

  7. When I purchased my property my lawyer did not ask for the funds . On the day of escritura I wrote a cheque on my Millenium bank to the sellers in the Notary office . I am now selling . The buyers funds are being paid to me by a guaranteed cheque from their bank as they are having a mortgage . I have heard of a case where the purchase money was paid to a lawyer and when the purchase failed to happen , the money was not returned in full . The bank had absorbed the money as the Lawyer had an overdraft . I still don’t know if the people concerned got it all back . I think the last time I read they were still owed 50000 euro . I believe I read in on a blog . I agree about the commission costs as average seems to be 5 per cent plus tax .

  8. Taking on what Joe suggested above we have added a Community Forum where visitors can ask questions and reply to those posed by others. Seems to be working OK at the moment but hasn’t really been tested in practice — please leave feedback here. All registered blog user names should be able to post, but there may be a need to re-register for some later users. Link top left.

  9. I know of a case where the buyers transferred money to the seller’s solicitor and the money was not passed on to the seller .
    Be very careful, even if they look like a big ,reputable company.

  10. I’d intended to ask here if there was anywhere in Madeira where I could buy Ovaltine and Horlicks. (Background: for the past several years I’ve visited my parent(s) in the UK twice a year and have stocked up then, but I will no longer be doung so).

    However, and in fact when Googling Ovaltine Madeira, I found a link to and was able to order several jars of each there (with as fillers – as fixed postage charge – a few other less essential (!) UK foods).

    If anyone else reading this is in a similar situation I suggest you have a look at what they stock. (I should have studied their list a bit more before placing my order because – for instance – our Colman’s mustard jar is past its due date and you can’t buy it here). All goods were exceptionally well-packed – mostly individually.

    P.S. The new Catcha code test is a pain. 3 false attempts to date

  11. I am looking for a firm who could collect an old sofa which has damage and consign to the tip Its heavy and two strong people are needed to take it away.
    Any guidance?

  12. Ummm. Isn’t this General Discussion post “the link” ?

    I.e. a General Discussion (labelled) post is the post the Administrator is going to try posting every couple of weeks as a place for general questions.

    (So, yes, Top Left and then go down until you hit a post labelled General Discussion)

  13. In reply to my comments about house sales: client’s funds are NOT protected in Madeira, as they are in UK. There is nothing to stop a solicitor holding on to your money for months. It has happened to several people, including us. There is nothing you can do about it – except agonise. Our complaint to the Avogado’s Association has been met with – nothing.
    Please keep your funds out of solicitor’s hands.

  14. There should be a “Community Forum” icon top left of the left-hand sidebar now – after readers suggestions this has replaced the mooted “General Discussion” idea – the consensus is that readers would prefer a permanent Q/A format.


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