Cheap Monarch flights.

Monarch flight matrix

Monarch have just started offering some remarkably cheap flights over the coming weeks. The screenshot shows Gatwick to FNC. Manchester flights not bad either. Monarch – in my humble opinion – are one of the more civilised of the “low cost” carriers.

Blog passes 4 million views.

Blog passes 4 million page views

Over the last few days the number of page views recorded by the Madeira News blog has exceeded 4 million. In reality, due to the way it is designed, there could be a nought on the end ............ more

Fire hydrants obstructed. Praia Formosa.

Fire hydrant obstructed in Funchal

Fire hydrants obstructed

The website FN is quite rightly drawing attention to the growing problem of fire hydrants being obstructed by the counters and stalls that are increasingly appearing on the streets of Funchal. They point out that this would not be allowed to happen in many cities, with restricted ............ more

Three small fires on the island.

Fires in Madeira

The Diario reports that firefighters have been attending three fires that have broken out in Ribeira Brava, Curral das Freiras and São Martinho.
A fire in in the Fontes area of Ribeira Brava has consumed a “considerable area of ​​forest” ............ more

Ponta do Sol Festival. Thomas Cook strike.

Ponta do Sol Folklore Festival poster

Ponta do Sol Folklore Festival

The 27th National and International Festival of Folklore takes place this week in the village of Ponta do Sol, integrating with the opening of the municipal ‘Festas do Concelho’. The festival starts on August 24 (Thursday) with the inauguration of a photographic exhibition ............ more

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