Machico Gastronomy Week. Sugar cane exhibition.

32nd Machico Semana Gastronomy logo

Machico Semana Gastronomica

Promoted by the local municipality Machico “Semana Gastronomica” started last night with the objective of promoting regional cuisine, in particular the specialities of the eastern end of the island, which is focussed on this relatively undeveloped fishing village. The event, ............ more

Airport chaos. Ferry latest.

Front page of the Diario

Airport chaos

Today’s Diario leads with a story of chaos at the airport over the last two days. Fortunately, as I write this, flights seem to be landing OK on Wednesday morning – at 8.00am eight flights had departed and seven landed as the situation hopefully returns to ............ more

easyJet cancellations. Exchange rate parity.

easyJet cancellations

easyJet excelled themselves yesterday! Most flights managed to land at some point during the day – there was really only a small window when the airport was closed mid-morning. However, as soon as the Bristol flight turned back to Lisbon, all of their remaining flights scheduled ............ more

Porto Moniz. Europcar.

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz Sea Week

July 24th to 30th is “Sea Week” in Porto Moniz, comprising of a wide program of recreational and sports activities. Apart from some musical performances, several competitions, boat rides, canoe races, cultural and sports activities will be held, as well as the Sea Games that ............ more

Ferry progresses. High UV warning.

Ferry in Funchal

Ferry advances

The Diario reported on Saturday and again today that the specification for the bids to operate the ferry connecting the island will be known by the end of the month. However it does point out that whilst it is the general wish of the local population to have a sea-link to the ............ more

Madalena do Mar. New easyJet base.

Madalena do Mar tunnel opened

Madalena do Mar tunnel finally opens

Funchal Noticias reported yesterday that Miguel Albuquerque, the President of the Regional Government, has finally inaugurated the new tunnel at Madalena do Mar (in a well attended event, judging by their accompanying photo). It appears to have been near completion for some while ............ more

Open letter from British Ambassador

British Ambassador addresses open letter to Brits residing in Portugal

The Portugal News has published an open letter from the British Ambassador, addressed to British residents in Portugal, including Madeira, obviously. Not sure if it adds a great deal of new or more precise information, but thought it worth replicating here:

Since ............ more

July events. Traditional Canoe Regatta.

Flights diverted

The strong wind yesterday afternoon prevented the landing of three flights at Madeira Airport. Two planes from Paris and one from Katowice were diverted to Porto Santo and waited for weather conditions to improve before returning. Porto Santo copes well with just a few aircraft due ............ more

Golden Gate opens. Strong wind warning.

Golden Gate opens

Golden Gate finally opens

The Golden Gate Cafe finally opened amid pomp and ceremony last night and is expected to be open to the public today.

600th Anniversary Exhibition

The Diario last week reported on the start of the celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo in 1419. These will begin ............ more

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