Airport chaos. Ferry latest.

Front page of the Diario

Airport chaos

Today’s Diario leads with a story of chaos at the airport over the last two days. Fortunately, as I write this, flights seem to be landing OK on … Read more

Porto Moniz. Europcar.

Porto Moniz Sea Week

Porto Moniz

July 24th to 30th is “Sea Week” in Porto Moniz, comprising of a wide program of recreational and sports activities. Apart from some musical performances, several … Read more

Madalena do Mar. New easyJet base.

Madalena do Mar tunnel finally opens

Madalena do Mar tunnel openedFunchal Noticias reported yesterday that Miguel Albuquerque, the President of the Regional Government, has finally inaugurated the new tunnel at Madalena do Mar (in … Read more

Open letter from British Ambassador

British Ambassador addresses open letter to Brits residing in Portugal

The Portugal News has published an open letter from the British Ambassador, addressed to British residents in Portugal, including Madeira, … Read more

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